HyperHDR issues with Apple TV on LG TV

  • I have Apple TV 4k 3rd gen connected to my rooted LG C1 through the HDMI port 1.

    The rooted LG TV has piccap and hyper HDR installed.

    When using the Apple TV 4k, whenever I restart the TV, I can see the capture in the live video in HyperHDR but after a few seconds, it goes blank.

    Eveything works fine on the webOS, issues only exist when using the Apple TV.

    I set the video format on the Apple TV to be 4k SDR 60.

    I see the following error message :

    [23:06:42.953][ERR] hyperion-webos ERR capture_acquire_frame: vtCapture_currentCaptureBuffInfo() failed. {}

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