Seeking Advice on My Hyperion Firestick Setup

  • Hello everyone,

    I am totally new to Hyperion and raspberry and I’m planning to set it up on my Samsung TV with a Firestick and would love to get some advice on whether my planned configuration is a good idea. Here are the parts I’m considering:

    • Raspberry Pi 3

    • (Optional) Raspberry Pi 3 case

    • HDMI capture card

    • WS2812B LED strip

    • 5V 15A power supply

    • 2 OUT HDMI splitter

    • Barrel jack connectors

    • Dupont wires

    • Velcro strips

    My idea is to follow this tutorial here, but he is not using a fire stick so I just want to be sure that everything will work out well with a firestick or if I should be considering something else.

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    Is this setup sufficient for a smooth and reliable Hyperion experience? Are there any components that I might be missing or should consider upgrading? Any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    Raspi 3, yes

    HDMI capture device, look for Rullz loop device without audio.

    WS2812B, I would go for 2 line SPI data led strips, such as HD107S and APA102 etc etc

    PSU is good >> meanwell

    HDMI splitter should have hdcp build in, if not then problems with YT/Netflix/amazon,Disney etc etc. Streamingplatforms won't work

    Barrel Jack ?? No... use Wago's or soldering

    Rest is fine.

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