NodeMCU Setup

  • First of all, the new hyperion 1.03 release is really great. I had issue with the LEDs switching between grabber video and kodi video. And in this new release, it totally solved the problem! Thank you Brindosch. You da man!:thumbsup:

    In addition I just read a post here regarding NodeMCU hyperion setup:…-apa102-leds-flicker.177/

    And I really want to give it a try. But I just don't know how is it done? The tutorial in the post is in German and there is no picture showing the setup. I also tried to google it but did not get much useful info neither...

    I really appreciate it if anybody could give me more guidance? Thanks...

  • Greetings, thanks to all developers :)
    Currently i am more like a "organizer" than a real programmer ;)

    If the interest is that high i may able to complete a tutorial based on this. The comfortable color calibration for this is not given and this is the reason why i still delay this.

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