Personal ambilight project (Pi2,Kodi17,WS2812B) with light sensor

  • Hello all, im not sure if its legit to post here but this is my personal ambiligh project. Im not sure if google plus gallery is ok to post here so sorry if not, there are photos and videos from build together with my color calibrations settings.

    To be diffferent, i added light dependent resistor(LDR) so my ambilight is ON only in dark conditions. In bright light it stay turned off so i save some energy(money) in this case its not visible enought anyway. I can post details about LDR if someone is interested in this (i done it with big help from hans by


    few pictures: (you can see hiden LDR above power socket)

    PS:sorry for my poor english
    PS2: thanks to everybody who make hyperion project possible im using it every single day and after few months of use i cant imagine watching movies without hyperion setup. Also tanks for admins who make whish is in my opinion big step up!

  • thanks guys! i just use LDR with potentiometer straight in to digital PIN. As i only need ON or OFF status. I know some want adjust brightness but i dont need it. I like it way it is now ON in dark OFF in bright :)

  • Nice idea using the led profiles for mounting. Too bad they are expensive to ship. I hope I will have some leftover once I finish my shower tile led installation :)

    "i cant imagine watching movies without hyperion setup"
    Can you tell me what you are using for your setup? Ive been trying this for a year and still my hyperion setup is too ugly and inconsistent to use even for 1 day. I think it just does not work well with OSMC. Maybe you use openelec?

    New Hardware that doesn't work properly since 2020:
    202 APA102 Leds with 10amp power supply
    RPi 4 with power supply
    Windows Grabber, Win10 64bit PC
    Ubiquity Unifi Network

    Old Hardware that never worked properly since 2014:
    137 ws2801 LEDs
    HDMI splitter
    HD2AV (NTSC video source)
    rpi2 with OSMC

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