Hyperion.ng SwitchOffOnBlack not working

  • Hello!

    i tried the pre alpha of Hyperion.ng. First: it's an amazing new version. Awesome! I configured my Philips Hue Lamps and it works very well. But the Lamps don't turn off when there is a black border.
    With the latest stable and HyperCon it worked very pretty with the command. But when I toggle this option in the new webinterface nothing happens.

    Do you know this problem? Is there a workaround for the config?

  • The Console shows me this message:

    [hyperiond LedDevice] <WARNING> Did not recognize model id LCT015 of light ID 1
    [hyperiond LedDevice] <WARNING> Did not recognize model id LCT015 of light ID 3

    This are the Lamps from the Philips Hue Starter Kit E27...

  • Hiya Guys,

    Resurrecting this old thread as i've just move from Hyperion -> Hyperion.ng with my Hue Colour bulbs i am seeing the same issue as OP.
    `switchOffOnBlack` works really well on Hyperion, but the functionality appears broken on Hyperion.ng, my lights just go really dim and never ever turn off on black screens. I'm using a vl42 USB input, with 4 Hue Colour bulbs, which otherwise work perfectly in both versions of Hyperion.

    I've been looking through the code and there was a recent change (after OP's original post) which fixes something to do with brightness, but the version i am running contains this and i'm still seeing issue.

    Can anyone confirm if this is an issue with my setup or the code please?

    After using Hyperion.ng, it has so many nice improvements over Hyperion that i'd like to not have to go back.

    My config is as follows:



  • I might have spotted a possible cause, but i've currently not got the correct tool chain to change and test, would someone else be able to maybe try?

    The theory here is that Turning the light off, then changing the colour presumably will turn it back on?

    LedDevicePhilipsHue.cpp (Current code)

    LedDevicePhilipsHue.cpp (proposal)

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