Cannot get it to work with HUE

  • Hi,

    I hope I post my question to the right topic.

    I would like to configure Hyperion to control HUE lights, but for some reason I all the time have some error.
    First I tried to install on OSMC where I had "unable to connect to host" error.
    Then I tried to install on LibreELEC, now I have slightly different error, but still not working.
    The installation in both case was successfully finished.

    Here's my config and log: (I just replaced my real username in pastebin with "MY_USER_ID", but the real username working well)
    I also tried to add more LightID, in this case I had slightly different log

    Can you help me please what am I doing wrong?

  • Uhh this is too bad. I think I understood now.
    So the whole light strip can do one color? In this case that is not worth me to use. I mean the whole concept of the Hyperion to show proper lights related to the content of the screen, but with only one color the whole thing does not make any sense with this HUE light strip.
    I have several other light strips and bulbs installed in the house, but I just wanted to control the light strip behind the TV.
    I was confused because in the Hypercon I was able to define how many LED's included in the light strip (even if Philips HUE selected in the device type) so I thought if I include only the missing LightID in the hyperion.config.json (in my case "6") I'll ready to use the application.
    Thank you for your explanation.

  • Yes, right. But Philips stripes can only show one color. (In my opinion with that reason they are far too expensive.)
    You need an other stripe like APA102 or WS2801 to do that. You can see a tutorial here in this forum.

    Yes Hypercon is a little bit confusing in combination with PhilipsHue but I can say that this is something we are working on currently ;)

    I personally use two Hue Bulbs on the left and right of the tv. So only two leds in the config with two Bulbs with the LightID.
    Besides that i will upgrade to a real ambilight stip like APA102 in the very near future :)

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