Using Hyperion on an rooted Samsung-TV (H-Series)

  • Hello,

    I've an rooted Samsung-TV (H-Serie) with an ARM-Processor. So therefor maybe I could use Hyperion on it for Ambilight.

    Someone in SamyGo-Forum wrote an lib on which it's possible to make Screenshots directly of TV-Screen, the same way the USB-Grabber make it. Because of this I was thinking if it's possible that Hyperion could be run on TV directly and send LED-Data to an NodeMCU on which the LED's are connected.

    So it's possible to use Ambilight for every Source of TV.

    I've downloaded Sourcecode of Hyperion but it's so powerful that I don't know which Min-Filesources are really needed for compilation and which one I don't need e.g. grabber v4l2 and so on.
    And I don't know C++ :(

    Another problem is that I don't know, where I should build-in this Screenshot.lib to get information of TV-Screen. Are there any dependencies to the main-system which hyperion needs?

    Or is Processor-Power of TV to weak to run Hyperion?

    Thx a lot for your help :)

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    have seen it a few month ago...but only a "screenshot" is - i think - not need more a continuing "stream"

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