HELP!!! 276 LEDS not responding

  • Okay. So I've been trying for about a week to get my 276 LEDS to do something...anything...other than a startup effect. Below are my hardware specs:

    WS2812B (276 LEDS)
    RPi3 w/ latest OSMC installed
    Arduino nano (Data pin 10, GRD)
    EasyCap USB grabber (UT007)
    GANA HDMI2AVI adapter
    Sewell Echo Splitter w/ downscaling
    Alitove 5V 10A PSU
    65" TCL 4K S405

    I should mention that I am a noob at this, although I am a computer technician with knowledge of Linux and some programming. I am also aware that there is an issue with 4K HDR signal capture, which I wish was my only issue, as I have seen some work-arounds and I could always just not use HDR until a viable solution is found.

    Now for my issue. All that I have been able to produce are start up effects. When my hyperion is started or the Arduino is powered on my LEDs turn green, red, then blue which was specified in the Arduino sketch. I was using a sketch that required understanding of the "prefix" needed, but later discovered a sketch that didn't use it at all, which at least allow me to actually start Hyperion. I am not sure if my USB grabber is correctly grabbing images, as I am not sure how to test it. It is recognized by the raspberry pi, which i was able to verify with "lsusb". The app does connect to the server and I do see the commands executed in the RPi terminal, but the LED do not respond. I've attached my sketch below.

    All I can do is stop hyperion, start hyperion and watch these Green, Red, and Blues. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

  • This is the Arduino sketch I'm using (by the way, I added that file above before I figured out how to do this):

  • Here is my hyperion config:

  • Is this rainbow-colored box to the right of Hypercon suppose to be showing what the USB grabber is seeing? Also, is it supposed to just start flashing lights once it's started. I realize every video I've seen on this never actually starts hyperion once completed, they just say "well that's it, everything should work" and jump to it already working. How is actually supposed to start?

  • Here are the links to the photos:

    276 WS2812B LEDS > 5V 10A PSU + DATA 10
    AR. NANO > LEDS + Ground (via GRD pin)
    AR. NANO > RPi3 (right stack of USBs)
    RPi3 ( left stack of USBs) > USB grabber
    USB grabber > HDMI2AVI adapter
    HDMI2AVI > HDMI 2 of HDMI splitter
    HDMI 1 of splitter > input source (Nintendo switch/PS4 pro/Comp.)
    HDMI out > TCL 65" 4K w/HDR

    Sketch and Hyperion configs above^
    Once I have everything working I'll be making an enclosure to house everything.

  • Ok so now I have a new development. My LEDs new go from white to orange (kinda orange on the left more reddish on the right) twice on startup, THEN ends on this:

    <a href="[MEDIA=imgur]kejXXjt[/MEDIA]"><img src="" title="source:" /></a>

    **NOTE** The LEDS on the right side were on in the startup animation, but they are off now. Checking hyperion config and trying to remeber which Arduino Nano sketch is on there. I don't believe I changed either of the 2 above. Just finished painting and had to reconnect everything. Before, the LEDS was doing that startup prior to painting, but they would just turn off after. Now they are like it is in pic.

  • YAH!!! Okay, so it's not picking up the grabber (i don't think), but atleast now the Hyperion app effects work and I can change the color. PROGRESS!!! Now I just need help with the image capture. How do I check the USB grabber???

    **NOTE**Whenever press the power button on the Hyperion app it goes back to the image above. It doesn't respond to HyperCon test images, nor the colorwheel in Hyercon.

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