Advice on Hardware purchase

  • Hello all,

    I have been using Kodi as a media center for many years now, and I have stumbled upon the Hyperion Project lately.
    I am quite convinced that building an ambilight setup for my living room will make a great viewing experience so I decided to tackle this project.
    I am a total noob regarding the project, so please be gentle with me.
    I had a million questions, that started resolving themselves as I read through the forums, but I am still left with a few.
    I would really appreciate any kind of assistance that can be given to me

    Setup that I have/plan to use:
    TV Size: 55 inch (I calculated that I will use 230-250 leds for this)
    Mediacenter device: MINIX U9-H with Coreelec and addon
    LED stripe: I have decided to go with the APA102 with 60LEDS/m (found a good offer on Aliexpress for a 5m strip)
    Controller: Arduino UNO R3
    Power supply: 5V 30A supply

    The plan is to control the LEDs with the Arduino and plug it via USB to my Mediacenter

    So my questions are below:

    1. Ideally I can attach the Arduino on the back of the TV so that I can keep the Data and Clock cables as short as possible to avoid interference. The USB running from the Arduino to the Mediacenter will be approx. 1.4m long. Would this affect the performance of the LEDs?

    2. Will this setup need a level shifter? I have read quite a few posts about this, but since the majority of the users here drive their setup with the RPi, I am left unsure if I would need it for my setup.

    Apologies if I have missed something written here before, I have been reading like crazy for the last 4 days

    Thanks in advance for your time.

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