Rainbow when "no signal"

  • I did not understand why, when my TV was off, I had a rainbow effect with my Ambilight. I thought it was normal.
    Today I decide to remove this static effect, not beautiful.

    By dint of searching I realize that it is not a problem of programming because Hyperion is not planned for that.
    By making a video capture via HyperCon I see that ... there is a signal "rainbow" sent to the Raspberry!

    Now, how to correct this problem because I do not know who produces this image.

    Hardware :

    Connections :

    All my video sources are connected to my home theater amplifier.
    The signal comes out and goes directly to the HDMI splitter etc

    My TV (Philips) works with the CEC protocol. When I turn off my TV, I turn off all other devices at the same time and all are in standby.

    Question :

    The question is : where come from this signal and how i can desactivate Hyperion when i have this signal screen.

    Thank you.

    Impossible to upload image with the forum's function.

  • The Rainbow image is produced by the HDMI to RCA Converter if it detects no Signal.
    You can try different Converter, some just produce a solid blue image.

    But I suggest to connect the usb power cable to an USB port of your AV Receiver/TV.
    So when you switch of the TV/Receiver, it switches of the Converter and you kill the rainbow.

  • Hi,

    Thank for your reply.
    Good idea to connect to another USB port but...
    All my USB ports are powered because all my devices are only in "sleep".
    I will try to find a solution ...


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