Hyperion help

  • Hi there hope someone can help
    I tried to follow this thread


    But im a bit iin the dark

    I have a Hp Proliant microserver running Librelec.
    I recieved my parcel today and i dont know where to go

    I think i bought alot of unnecessary goodies from reading how to do this.

    I bought WS2812B LEDS
    Raspberry PI
    Mini HDMI to AVR
    HDMI Splitter

    First up everyone is using raspberry pi if i use a Libreelec machine how will i connect everything up?
    To what will i connect my LEDS?

    I got hyperion installed on libreelec but i dont see any settings. ( I Installed the win verion and SSH into librelec do i just send the config file over?)

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