Flicker with video, stable at full color

  • Without unnecessary history, I'm now running a WS2813 from SPI and I'm experiencing flashing to white across the whole strip when the LEDs are not set to a static color at full brightness. Similar to dimming a non-dim-able bulb. If I use the app and set the color, everything is stable. If I dim it, change saturation, or light up the grabber, I get flashing. It's mostly in the same color but more washed out if that makes sense. I get the same during the startup rainbow

    I've searched high and low. Things I have attempted:
    -Changing the core freq - increasing from 250 creates a condition where the LEDs go all white but lower doesn't solve it.
    -Ensuring common ground throughout, including the pi to shifter to strip
    -Power supply is a 30A tested to 5V and powered from both ends (thinking it was voltage drop).
    -Changing the rate doesn't help
    -I am using a level shifter 3.3v to 5v with the same result

    There is minimal to no flicker if set statically at full brightness. I don't believe it's a power supply issue but other than a ferrite bead somewhere as suggested in some posts, I can't figure this one out. (I don't have one handy)

    I feel like this has to be in the data feed or interference. I'm going to try an official rpi power supply (rather than the generic running the now that I think about it).

    I've also watched the feed with mplayer and while it's not perfect coming from the 007, it's not showing anything from the video feed. Though since this is producible without the feed, I don't think that's my problem

    Any suggestions?

  • Update: Turns out I did have a ferrite bead laying around. Take that, wife. I swapped out the generic power supply with an adafruit one adding the bead on it and now, other than the first half of the strip being dimmed out, the app confirms the flicker/flashing was interference from the power side. Color from the wheel including brightness and saturation are now stable. The only thing left is what I believe to be a brightness setting. I'll report back with the results and mark this solved when I figure it out.

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