Hyperion Stopping

  • Can anyone please help to point me in the right direction? Recently when using Hyperion, I've been having trouble. While watching video, it will randomly flash the RGB sequence then the Hyperion rainbow and then Hyperion runs for about 10 minutes before repeating. Last night I had to replace the sketch on my Arduino to get the service working again. Now, it doesn't seem to be working at all and the log below is showing errors. Any help is greatly appreciated. What confuses me is, everything has been working fine but recently it appears to be deteriorating by the day.

  • ssh in: Jul 07 19:46:12 raspberrypi hyperiond[437]: V4L2GRABBER INFO: stopped ssh in: Jul 07 19:46:14 raspberrypi hyperiond[437]: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error' ssh in: Jul 07 19:46:14 raspberrypi hyperiond[437]: what(): VIDIOC_QBUF ERROR 19, No such device

    Looks like the usb video grabber is having a issue.
    It could be something simple like: No enough power for the Rpi and the usb grabber to function. Make sure you power supply for the rpi is a minimum of 2.5 amps.

    If you have a powered usb hub, try plugging that to the rpi and then the usb grabber. This way the grabber is powered from the hub.

    Hope its of help.

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