• Are you able to obtain correct lighting with HDR content ? 25

    1. No (17) 68%
    2. Yes (2) 8%
    3. Yes, with HDFury products. (4) 16%
    4. Yes, with another workaround (2) 8%

    Hey guys !

    This issue gives me headaches..

    What are the solutions for HDR content? Which for me currently results in incorrect colors and washed out image.

    I can currently watch 4k without problems.

    What are the current solutions available for stripping the HDR signal ? Is it only the HDFury products ?


  • It's not quite perfect but at a fraction of the price of the HDFury boxes I've settled for this HDMI splitter XOLORspace Splitter downcaler simultaneously supports

    I've got 4k and HDR10 from a Virgin Media set top box working fine.

    What doesn't work is Dolby Vision or HLG so I find that, for example,the Netflix and Prime Video Apps on the set top box default to HDR10 for their HDR content instead of offering Dolby Vision and any HLG channels (BT Sport Ultimate and Virgin TV Ultra HD are the only ones I have access to) show on my TV in 4k but without HDR. For me, for now, that's a decent enough compromise as HLG content is in short supply in the UK and I'm willing to use HDR10 instead of Dolby Vision if it means my ambilight setup 'just works' and gets the wife's approval rather than having to mess on with different settings on a regular basis.

    If I ever particularly want to watch something using HLG or use Dolby Vision rather than HDR10 there's meant to be a button on the splitter I can push to stop the output to my RPi which then allows HLG or Dolby Vision to my TV but removing the HDMI cable going to the RPi works too.

  • Greetings

    Are you sure that the splitter is removing HDR data ? Have you seen the image that you're feeding Hyperion?

    I ask because I purchased one (2nd splitter I bought ) and it didn't remove HDR data.

    I do have the DIVA
    And it's worth it
    Had I known and would've naught it first
    It's my 4 splitter and the only one that does what it says

  • hi,

    take a look in the german area of the forum, there is at least a workaround for the pale colors. ;)


    v4l2-ctl allows you to adjust the color saturation of the captured image in real time.

    v4l2-ctl --list-ctrls

    shows the options that the capture driver offers.


    v4l2-ctl --set-ctrl saturation=255

    for instance, the color saturation can be increased. now the led's shows correct colors for the desaturated hdr image.



  • I have the ZASLUKE 4k Card that many have and when I do --list-ctrl I don't get any list of ctrls. Why is that ? is my capture being handled by another driver ? Anyone with this card that had some experience ?

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