• First of please don't find this post as critic or me not respecting phenomenal work done on this project I enjoy using it.
    What I am looking for is so some general guidance into finding most relevant up to date informations.
    I am kinda spend half day of scrooling true both hyperion any libreelec wiki and forum as well as github and I am still not sure what resources are most relative, maybe 17-18 months old guide but important installation parts are not implemented if I am correct, no deb or any other packages or HyperBian yet?

    I previously used hyperion-ng on OSMC RPI3 as I managed to compile it on device following CompileHowto on github and doing some googling as I had no compiling experience.

    Now I switched to RPI4-4GB and as there is still is no OSMC image for RPI4 and I loaded LibreELEC on it.
    LibreELEC miss dependecies for and even if I try to follow something like CrossCompileHowto I am clueless how to deal with compiling all dependencies.

    What I got working for now is "old" Hyperion using I believe latest 1.03.3 HyperiCon.jar to install it over SSH.
    While playing video it work fine but LEDs (apa102) blink random colors like crazy when moving true Kodi menu and video list. Worst case scenario I'll keep it this way until OSMC for Rpi4 is out.

    Are there any plans to make addition wiki or any other kind of documentation for instalation in more details? Maybe I could participate on documentation if someone can provide me with rough answers on things i don't know.

    Also another random question, are there plans for any CICD releases of some kind that are production ready for different systems?

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    1. we discussed this week how and when we start with the found the docu from brindosch which he started alone, and as you saw it is if you interessted you can help us with the documentation
    2. we are also planing and trying to implement autobuilds from the latest versions on github...there will be hopefully different packages (for the *elecs/mac/pc/rpi etc ....)

    but the team is very very all the things need time...if you want to help us, you are welcome :)

  • 1. And what you decided about documentation, start over with what brindosch started?
    It looks cleaner then wiki imho. I'll be glad to give a hand where I can.
    2. Its awesome to get autobuilds on. It's more important then documentation.
    Maybe installing prebuild packages on different systems would be better starting point for documentation then current compile to use state.

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