Dual HDMI Output AVR

  • Hey all!

    Couple of months ago i managed to complete my DIY project and got hyperion up and running thanks to all of you wonderful people and your valuable help.
    Last couple of weeks i've been wondering if i could tweak my setup. at the moment i'm running my htpc and ps4 through my avr, then the hdmi output goes through a 1x2 hdmi splitter, then one goes to the hyperion setup and the other goes to my tv. unfortunately by doing so, i'm losing the ARC features since my tv cannot send sound down to my avr even though the CEC functions work fine. so then, i can use optical to get sound from my tv to my avr, but to do that i have to disable cec functions.
    and so i've been thinking, would a dual hdmi output avr work for me? have the AVR's ARC output straight to the tv and the second one hooked up to the hyperion? any ideas/input on this?
    thanks everyone for your time!

  • Hey, thanks for replying! Do you know perhaps which avr he was using just to get some more feedback? also, if both outputs sent 4k or 1080p signal at the same time or if you could have one sending 4k (to your tv presumably) and the other 1080 (for hyperion) ?
    thanks again!

  • I have a Denon AVR-X6300H AVR (1 step below top of the line flagship model in May 2018) with 2 HDMI outputs functioning as a splitter and working well. Input signal is from a Windows 10 PC.

    Today I upgraded my TV to a 4K Vizio model fed by a 4K signal from the PC. Now, sadly/unfortunately, when I have the 1080 digitizer attached, the AVR downgrades both outputs to 1080. Immediately after plugging in the digitizer, the signal is "noticed" (for lack of a better term) by Windows 10, and the Windows desktop switches out of the 4K mode and back to 1920x1080. Argh, I was hoping to avoid this.

    Sadly, my AVR doesn't have the dual-resolution output as far as I can tell at this point.

  • hahaha, thanks yep it's a 1080p panasonic plasma

    i'm using my amplifier as an input device (playstation, adsl tv, raspberry) and hdmi sliptter
    -1st output goes to tv
    - 2nd output goes to raspberry (hdmi converter, utv007 ...)

  • that way though, you cant have separate picture setting for each device, you have one setting for ps and tv and rpi. what i did was have an hdmi splitter for my htpc and one for my ps4, so i could send each signal to the tv and the avr at the same time

  • Hey guys, I want to utilize the second HDMI Out of my AVR, too. What is the missing hardware here to connect the output to the hyperion device (In my case either a Vero4K (OSMC, Kodi) or my Intel NUC server)?

  • i'm using a denon AVR-X2200W, works like a charm, but i have a full hd plama 50"

    Agree that your Denon will work when both the TV and the converter are the same 1080 HD capable. However, if/when you go to a UHD (4K) TV and your converter remains HD, the Denon will choose the common format (the normal 1080 HD). See manual here: http://manuals.denon.com/AVRX2200W/EU/EN/GFNFSYkabkahie.php and screenshot Then, you'll have to deal with the problems that 4K brings if you want HDR.

    thank you The for your input, now wondering if newer models can outpute separate resolutions. If your input is 4k, do both hdmi outputs send out 4k signal?

    I doubt the newer models will support that, but you can check the manuals for language as I've highlighted. I don't have a secondary 4K capable device hooked to the AVR, but according the manual and logic, I'm fairly confident that both outputs would be the same 4K. Unfortunately, finding a cheap HDMI converter that deals with the HDR formats of 4K isn't possible as of Dec 2019 from what I've read.

  • So when the dual AVR is using a 4k signal say xbox or ps4, and the 2nd hdmi is going into the hdmi2av device in order to get to the grabber, those 2 devices wont be able to process the 4k signal so no ambilight?

  • So when the dual AVR is using a 4k signal say xbox or ps4, and the 2nd hdmi is going into the hdmi2av device in order to get to the grabber, those 2 devices wont be able to process the 4k signal so no ambilight?

    In my case, the 2nd HDMI is used for the grabber and only works in 2K(1080). The AVR automatically senses this and downscales both HDMI outputs to the 2K(1080) signal. No 4K signal for either output. However, my TV can display the 2K signal just fine. And the grabber works just fine. Just no 4K in any situation where the 2K grabber is connected.

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