S905x CoreElec Hyperion.NG external Grabber not working

  • Hi there.
    I'm newly registered (though being here for a long time) because I cannot (after hours of searching/reading) find the issue-- so Please Help . :slight_smile:

    My Setup:
    - Khadas Vim 1 (S905x)
    - CoreElec (9.0.3)
    - Hyperion.NG (9.1.101)
    - Logilink VG0001A (recognized as Fushicai USBTV007 Video Grabber [EasyCAP])

    other addons installed: (though I don't think this info is needed)
    - TvHeadend (server&client on kvim)
    - Panasonic 4k TV
    - Onkyo

    USB Grabber does not bring up LED lights at all

    USB-Grabber itself could be defective (and cannot be tested, since no Windows PC at hand)

    The Grabber is detected as **/DEV/VIDEO10**

    Hyperion.NG works like a charm for 4K-HDR & TVheadend, (priority:250) but ceases as soon as I enable "Enable USB capture" (priority: 200).

    After that no analog input (old wii via AV-cable) seems to bring the LED back on.
    Neither DEVICE:AUTO nor DEVICE: /dev/video10 nor DEVICE: '/dev/video10'

    maybe the V2L always tries to reference to VIDEO0 instead of VIDEO10 ???

    * **CoreELEC:** **~/.kodi/temp** # v4l2-ctl --list-devices*
    *amlvideo (amlvideo-000):*
    *Failed to open /dev/video0: No such file or directory*

    please help - additional info can be posted upon request

    THANK YOU very much in advance ;-)

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