Grabber cutting off bottom of screen.

  • I've recently setup my hyperion ambilight and everything seems to be working well except some things are just slightly off and can't be corrected due to the bottom of the screen being cut off. Attached is a grabber screenshot to show what I'm talking about.

    I noticed this while messing with the crop settings, because there were also huge black bars at the top and left sides of the screen. Bottom crop is set to 0. Anyone else seen this or know a fix?

  • I have come across this problem, bottom and sometimes side cropping with some crappy hdmi2av converters.

    You did not mention if you employ one in your setup. But if you do, Try a different hdmi2av converter.

    Also try flipping the switch on the hdmi2av converter. Ive noticed the labeling for the switch is sometimes reversed.

    Hope is of help.

  • Thanks! I had seen people talking about the mislabeled switches, but when I was testing the lights just coming on before hanging my tv back on the wall I was getting errors with the grabber so I didn't try this again after I got things running. Everything is much better now.

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