ws2812b arduino nano Ambilight not working

  • Hello. I have a problem with the led strip 3pin ws2812b operation.
    I did the work according to the guide from yt:

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    The tape is connected to arduino nano, 5v gnd and din (connected to d5) is connected correctly. The number of LEDs is selected correctly (300 LEDs are entered for the duration of the test)
    Arduino has the "Adalight_WS2812" input loaded, the tape is connected to a 5v 100W power supply. The load is uploaded correctly to the arduino. I started the configurations with diodes connected at the ends and without connecting. Configuration is made without a resistor presented in some tutorials.
    After connecting the USB, there is a reaction in the system, the LEDs on the led strip will flash red, green, blue for a moment. AND IT'S SO MUCH. No other reaction after starting and configuring programs such as prismatik, ambibox (in both programs arduino is detected correctly, it is on the appropriate com port, etc.).
    I will add that in this way I made two configurations (I have two led strips ws2812, 2 power supplies, 2 arduino nano) and the effect is the same. Ambilight does not work, the program does not control the tape. What am I doing wrong? Help.

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