4k HDR Capable HDMI Splitter (supposedly)

  • Hiya,
    Does anyone have a fully functional solution to this problem yet? I've already got a HDMI 1.4 -> CVBS splitter, which goes into a video grabber, then into my Pi running Hyperion.ng.
    I thought i'd found the ideal solution to this problem, which was a 4K HDR splitter/downscaler combo box from clearvisionsystems over in the UK (https://www.clearvisionsystems…er-18gbps-hdr-4k-1in-2out). The little box proved perfect, ideal infact, and i could connect this onto the output of my Onkyo amplifier, and split the signal into my 4k Samsung TV, and the other side downscaled into my HDMI->CVBS device.

    However, I've sadly had to return this: as there was what appears to be an incompatibility with my Onkyo amplifier which caused corruption to intermittently appear on my TV output (YMMV). clearvisionsystems were superb, and i highly recommend them - they sent a replacement to me initially as we thought it was possibly a faulty box, but the problem persisted :o(

    Anyway, like everyone else in here i'm looking for the holy grail: a HDCP 2.2 compliant downscaler/splitter that will allow my UHD 4k HDR TV signal to pass through to my TV, and then downscale this to HDMI 1.4 spec (1080p signal ideally) to be passed through to hyperion.
    The only other issue i noticed with the device from clearvisionsystems, was that the 1080p downscaled signal still contained HDR colour space, so the colours were washed out (again another topic discussed in here).

    Currently im considering a Lightberry HDMI kit 5, but wondered if anyone else had alternatives from elsewhere that solve this problem? Ideally i would like the ability to return if my problem isnt solved, and im not sure whether lightberry would accept returns unlike amazon etc...

  • salut tout le monde..
    j'ai dans l'esprit de me lancer sur le sujet, j'ai un rasp 3 b+ et en led j'ai de l'apa 102 mais que faut il acheter alors pour la suite?? j'ai fouiller un peu partout sur le forum mais rien de concluant.
    Quelqu'un pourrait m’orienter sur du matériel sachant que j'ai une télé samsung 4k qled et la ps4 pro.
    merci les gens ;-)

  • Hi isn't it then just a software thing? I mean can't you convert the HDR signal to SDR inside the pi somehow?

    I just want hdr10 on my samsung tv without washed out ambilight colors :D anyone has a solution yet? without the fury expensive hardware?

  • I bought this one from aliexpress (sorry, no link - product seems to be replaced by a new one):

    Unnlink HDMI Splitter 1X2 HDMI2.0 UHD 4K@60HZ 4:4:4 HDR HDCP 2.2 3D EDID

    I use it on the second HDMI-out of my Onkyo AVR with 4K60p input then downscale to 1080p an then on to the RPi with Hyperion. My TV on the first HDMI-OUT gets 4K60p. So far, so good. But what I somehow missed, is that I won't be able to get 4K24p on the TV - and so movies are stuttering. After all a bit disapppointing...

    Is there any way to have Hyperion running and get 4K24p ? I don't care about HDR...

  • Hello guys, new hyperion lover here :)

    So I'm also one of those people who want an hdcp 2.2 encrypted 2160p picture on TV and still be able to feed the rpi with an 1080p source.
    My current setup: AVR with 2 HDMI outputs -> 1st output to 2160p capable TV & 2nd output to UTV007 (1b71:3002) -> rp0w. Since the AVR has no downscaler, simultaneous output of the picture downgrades both outputs to 1080p.

    My idea: I found this product on Amazon and think, it's worth a try. It seems to work without an external psu.

    Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07WDL1WGW/
    Amazon DE: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07WDL1WGW/

    BR, r

  • Hello guys,

    Good news to whom it may concern!

    So I bought the device I mentioned in my previous post (FeinTech VSP01204). I use current config now:

    AVR -> HDMI splitter

    • HDMI Out 1 to TV via 3m HDMI 2.0 cable

    • HDMI Out 2 to UTV007 via 1.8m HDMI 1.4 cable

    • no extra or external power supply is used, the power supply via HDMI is sufficient for the splitter (although an USB to 500mA Jack adapter is included in the package)

    Everything seems to work as expected. I'm able to use an HDCP 2.2 encrypted 2160p HDR stream (from Amazon Video via Fire TV Stick 4K). The device is able to forward the 2160p stream to the TV and downscaled to the UTV007 (see below).

    Photo from the TV (apologies for the bad quality):

    Screenshot from hyperion-v4l2:

    I'm very happy with the device and once I've fixed my LED stripes, I think this will be a perfect setup :)

    BR, r

  • I have search a lot of solution but it seams that to have accurate color in HDR, HDR10 and DolbyVision, the only way is actually the "HDFury Diva" but the problem is the price, 400-500€ :crying:

  • I have search a lot of solution but it seams that to have accurate color in HDR, HDR10 and DolbyVision, the only way is actually the "HDFury Diva" but the problem is the price, 400-500€ :crying:

    Maybe you can try the "camera grabber" solution instead of using splitter and lot of stuff. Just a Pi Cam or PS3 Eye. You can find people managed to make their amiblight system with a camera as a grabber

  • Well, remember that 1080p also supports HDR, u can play for example 1080p games with HDR enabled, so a splitter with just downscaler function is not enough, it needs to be a downscaler with also HDR to SDR conversion or it wont work.

    I'm not sure if we can have 1080p HDR converted to SDR by hyperion, as the 1080p HDR output goes first into the HDMI to AV and then to a AV to USB grabber OR a single HDMI to USB grabber, if any of those devices does something with the image so that the original colors cant be extracted or mapped anymore then hyperion wouldn't even be able to do it.

    We would need someone with a HDR setup to test it, but i wouldn't bet on the analog converters, it could work or it couldn't, depends on the hdmi2av converter and av2usb grabber, its a gable, each time with different model, for a real future proof system i wouldn't recommend using analog converters at all, they all exists just for compatibility, new devices, tvs, AV receivers, tv boxes etc. do not have analog video connectors anymore, one day they will be all gone.

    I just cant find information if CVBS (composite video signal) specification makes it possible to keep HDR image data, even if it can pass it on, then also the av2usb grabber needs to read it properly and pass thru usb with full hdr data or at least a color image that can be mapped back to SDR color, not sure the washed out can be reversed.

    Probably a lot better thing wound be to use a proper direct HDMI to USB grabber (with v4l2 support), it is all digital and could be future proof, its probably not constrained by the analog signal spec and this could support what we need, for a lot of time.

    But we need tests.

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