Problems compiling on OSX

  • Hi everybody. First time poster, but I've been reading almost everything I found about OSX here and on the web.

    I've been trying to compile Hyperion on my Mac Mini (that I use as media player). I get a lot of errors when using the "make" command.
    First of all was from Logger.cpp, what I fixed changing something like "program_invocation_name" to " "blah" " , as I found it in an issue on Github.
    But then It throws me another error that I can't solve.
    In file included from /Users/dani/hyperion/libsrc/leddevice/LedDeviceUdpRaw.h:7:
    /Users/dani/hyperion/libsrc/leddevice/LedUdpDevice.h:6:10: fatal error: 'linux/spi/spidev.h' file not found
    #include <linux/spi/spidev.h>
    1 error generated.
    make[2]: *** [libsrc/leddevice/CMakeFiles/leddevice.dir/LedDeviceFactory.cpp.o] Error 1
    make[1]: *** [libsrc/leddevice/CMakeFiles/leddevice.dir/all] Error 2
    make: *** [all] Error 2
    I used this command for CMake:

    Can anyone give me a hint about what can I do to compile this?

    I'm using OSX Sierra (10.12.2), with XCode installed, and QT4 &QT5 installed via Ports, as well as CMake and Libusb

    Thanks in advance!

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