NUC5PPYH (LibreElec/Kodi) & Raspi PI

  • Thank you, Hyperion team! Great project, great software and looots of fun!
    Just donated 20 bugs for your great work, thanks!

    Just wanted to contribute to the community by sharing my successful Hyperion setup:

    LED: APA102 (6 led/m) - bought 5m / used 3,7m (222 LEDs) for 55" TV
    Power Supply: Mean Well LRS-100-5 SNT (5V/18A 90W)

    Video Player
    NUC5PPYH (LibreElec/Kodi) + Hyperion Kody Addon
    Update: upgraded to NUC6CAYH (LibreElec/latest Fritsch build), works the same way

    Light Controller
    Raspberry Pi 3 (LibreElec/Kodi) + Hyperion (installed via PC with HyperCon)

    Start your initial setup on your Raspi/Kodi. Once the stripe is setup and working fine install the Hyperion Kody Addon manually into Kodi on your NUC. In the configuration interface just enter the IP address of your Raspi. That's it! Simple as that... and looking great, working perfectly.

  • Thank you for your support!
    Always glad to hear that people get good results (besides of the issues posts :))

    Feel free to add some pictures if you like :)

  • Hi, thank´s for sharing!
    I´ve got the same tv in 50" and I´m planning to do the same setup.
    Have you measured the energy consumption?
    This tv model´s top part ist very small but in the lower part it gets uneven and wide.
    Where did you put the led-strip in the lower back of the tv? Could you please share some photos if possible.
    Is the connection with an XBOX One via hdmi splitter possible in your setup?

    Gruß aus Berlin

  • Hi roti,

    re. power consumption
    Depends on the LED strip you are planning to use.E.g. mine is an APA 102 with 60 LED/m.
    Specification says: 18W/m (max.) @ 5V (from these values you can calculate the ampere 18W = 5V x 3,6A)
    For adding an RPi2 on your PSU you would need to add another ampere to the calculation.

    re. applying strip on the back of a Sony KD-55X8505C
    This part is indeed a little bit tricky as this model shows three different levels of height on the back

    So the best way to get this resolved for me was choosing a flexible solution - a frame out of plastic skirting-board. Tobe continued...

  • re. applying strip on the back of a Sony KD-55X8505C (part II)
    I have build a customized frame out of (super cheap) PVC angle profile 25x20x2 mm.

    Turn it over and apply your LED strip on the longer side. This way the strip gets a good beam angle (the LEDs itself do have a 120° angle).
    You can easily bend the profile by heating it up with a heat gun. For getting the edges connected I have used a metal corner and lots of hot glue.

    This image shows the lower part of the frame bended with a heat gun.

    The frame construction hangs on one vertical strap (see next image for more details)

    And finally the strap is screwed to a wood moulding, which is screwed on the VESA holding.

  • re. XBOX One via hdmi splitter
    I don't have such a setup, but together with a compatible grabber it should work.
    For me it was important not to degrade the video signal (4k 10bit HDR) by a splitter.
    NUC6CAYH is connected directly with the Sony and the Hyperion Kody Addon sends the screen info to the Raspi.

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