Hyperion on Orange PI PC (One) with Arduino and Ws2812b working, but...

  • Hi everybody,

    I am new to this forum.
    I am working on getting LibreElec with Hyperion running and I had success so far.

    But there is a tiny issue left over which is difficult to solve for me. Perhaps somebody can share some help here?

    So first of all I know I can get it to work with other devices like RP3, I even have one setup running with Odroid C2 and Ws2801 Leds. But I am interested to get it running on Orange PI devices as well ;)!

    So here is my setup:
    Orange PI PC with LibreElec 7.0 and Kodi 16.1 and Hyperion.
    Hyperion is configured in /dev/ttyS0 which connects to Ardiuno Nano that runs a sketch with FastLED and WS2812B Led Stripes attached.

    It works perfectly on Menus, Slideshows etc and on VIDEO if I build Kodi with software rendering (default video driver).
    However when build Kodi with Hardware rendering (cedarx video driver), the FrameBuffer remains empty as the video is drawn on hardware layer.

    On Ordoid C2 for example I am using AMLGrabber successfully. Is there any chance to get the VIDEO output from cedarx video driver?

  • As far as i know from reading once the Orange Pi Hardware Renderer bypasses the framegrabber. I'm assuming this is a hardware design (more like an issue) so no driver will have any effect and the only way to get this working would be routing the signal from the OPI A\V to a USB Video Grabber and use the V4L2 Capture module.

    Unless Kodi Watcher/Checker Features in Hyperion is able to transfer video trough to hyperion but i dont know much about that.

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