Hyperion and MythTV question.

  • Hello all,

    Still a bit new to Hyperion, but enjoying the experience. Trying to read all I can, and explore Hyperion's capabilities. However (sadly), I see no mention of Hyperion being able to function with MythTV, under Linux.

    I know that Kodi has a MythTV plug-in that works very well generally. However, it's lacking some and I find myself loading up MythTV very often to complete needed tasks and where I can com-skip without problems. I sorely miss the Hyperion experience when I do.

    So Being a huge fan of MythTV running on a Linux box I must ask:
    Does and/or Can Hyperion work with MythTV under Linux?

    Many Thanks.

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    never used mythtv, but if it runs on a linux box (i think x86?) than yes, hyperion can be installed on desktop-linux systems too

  • Hi'o

    Yes I do have Hyperion installed on a X86 system now, W/250 WS2812b's driven by a cheap Nano clone. It was silly of me not to mentioning it in the first post. Works very well on this system with Kodi on the same. Many thanks for this.

    However, I thought there might be a command that could be issue to a terminal and/or SSH shell that would kick Hyperion screen analyzing/LED output service, wile I watch/edit my recorded TV shows in MythTV? With out going farther down the rabbit hole and investing in a splitter, converter Etc...

    Thanks again.

  • So sadly I was unable to find a way to have Hyperion work with my Mythtv setup natively under Linux, with the Hyperion's internal framebuffer grabber. It worked somewhat, however not where it counted, wile watching video content.

    So I went with the hdmi splitter, converter Etc. and it's working very well.

    Thanks for helping me "Bling" my media center team Hyperion and all who contributed and shared.


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