LED flickering and color not even

  • Hi

    I'm having troubles with setting up my Hyperion + 172 WS2812b LED's + Arduino Uno R3.
    For some reason I can't get a "stable" color (without flickering). Also when I set up a "static color" to display, it's not even. First part of the LED strip is brighter and has different HUE than rest of it.

    Can this be the cause that I use 5V 3A power supply? Maybe something else?

    Any help is highly appreciated!


  • I fairly sure a 3 Amp power supply is insufficient for your needs. Each LED is about 60ma max draw X 172 is about 10.4 amps max.

    Please someone correct me if I'm wrong. I'm a bit new to this as well.


  • Ok a small update. My new power supply is here and it helped a little bit but the color still wasn't even along whole stripe.
    I was able to solve this by connecting end of the stripe to the power supply just like the beggining. Now all seems to be fine :)

    One last thing that worries me a little bit is that color smoothing is not super fluid. It's a little bit choppy for a fracture of second.
    My grabber frequency is set to 10.0HZ and smoothing updateFrequency to 25.0000. Is there anything else I can do?

    Thanks for all previous replies!

  • I found if I had set the "serialRate" at 115200 or lower in my .INO "sketch" it seemed choppy.

    I now have it set to 500000. It seems more responsive now.

    Also don't forget to mirror the setting in your hyperion.config.json, the "rate" setting.

    Hope it helps.

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