All pixels not black at Idle

  • I've recently setup an Adalight clone using the following:

    Asus Chromebox with Ubuntu 16.10
    Kodi v17.0 with Hyperion plugin
    Hyperiond V1.03.2
    UNO R3
    218 - WS2812b LEDs

    Just for reference, I've got a resistor and capacitor per the Arduino setup and a common ground between the board and lights.

    I've got everything setup and running pretty well. It works with video playback and using the effects/static colors. All pixels behave normally, displaying to correct colors at the correct times as well as shut off as needed. Also all the adjustments in HyperCon/hyperion-remote work correctly. However, when I cancel any set effects and stop video playback I have a few pixels that stay lit at varying levels white. It starts this way as soon as the bootup display finishes. For right now, I use the cli to set "All Black" to all pixels at a slightly higher priority than the internal grabber. (hyperion-remote -p 876 -c 000000) That keeps all pixels shut off when no effects are running or nothing is coming from the grabber.

    All pixels behave normally when connected to just the Arduino as well as with it connected to a PC as long as I don't have hyperiond running.

    Aside from any obvious issues I may have overlooked, what is the behavior of hyperiond at idle and do we have any control over it?



  • I'm pretty sure it's not a wiring issue, since I can control them all with a basic arduino sketch while they are still mounted to the TV.

    I ended up putting a login script that runs my workaround after hyperiod starts, so it hides the problem but something is still odd.

  • Turns out my issue was specifically with the internal grabber. I'm using the Kodi addon exclusively now and that works for most things, but I'd like to have less moving parts.

    Anything I can do about the internal grabber or should I just stick with the addon?

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