Advise please, getting this error ('/dev/video0' does not support streaming i/o ERROR)

  • I'm trying to setup a USB video capture device. a Hd-pvr 1212 by Hauppauge, on a Rpi B v1. The OS see the device on /dev/video0 and when I call : v4l2-ctl –all, it returns:

    However when starting Hyperion, it fail to start with the following log error:

    I've been googling around for a remedy to no avail. I did however, find and which does have some info on the error and a patch fix being issued. But my Hyperion is complaining with ( what(): '/dev/video0' does not support streaming i/o ERROR ).

    I'm a bit stuck at this point and could use some advise please.

    Many thanks.

  • I don't think these will work - they only seem capable of giving you an mpeg4 stream rather than a simple screenshot.

    The fixes you linked to were about Hyperion gracefully ignoring it rather than crashing.

    I have used it with my Pi and Hyperion but I did it by watching the hdpvr via kodi and then letting Hyperion grab the kodi screen

    1 issue with this (and it's not due to Hyperion) is the ~3 second lag. Fine for movies but fast forwarding ads was tricky !

  • Thank you.

    You reminded me of the fact that the hd-pvr has a delay. I don't think it be good for a Hyperion setup.

    And I'm having problems getting any video at all with it. A simple "cat /dev/video0 > testvid" results in a IO error, If i remember correctly, the hd-pvr is picky about what chipset's your using it with. and it may be the usb hub. However, I've spent the better of today on this and I'm cutting my losses and ordering a easycap and call it solved.

    Many thanks

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