Rpi1 B + Raspbian + WS2812b = not working

  • Hi everyone,

    this thing is driving me crazy...

    Hyperion is not controlling leds. No turning on, no turning off... nothing on boot, nothing on executing standard effects...
    HyperCon is connected, but can't change color (even turn on or off leds)
    Android App not working either. (it syncs with daemon and lists all effects available, but nothing happens)

    I'm sure its a simple problem and I'm focusing on the wrong spot....

    My specs:

    Board = Rpi1 B (2011.12)
    Leds = WS2812b - 5m - 60leds/m [*edit]
    ALL 300 LEDS ARE CONNECTED RIGHT NOW. IN CONFIGURATION FILE ONLY 206 ARE CONSIDERED. should not be a problem... should it?

    Wiring = as per the following guide:
    (testd with python script included in this tutorial and every thing is working fine - all 300 leds work and can be controlled)

    SO = fresh install 2017-03-02-raspbian-jessie-lite
    Hyperion = installed with command line script (after apt update && apt upgrade)

    HyperCon is able to connect via SSH and take screenshot of grabber, starting / stopping daemon...
    On boot hyperiond starts correctly, and no error is returned.


    Thanks for support!!!


  • I had time to dump the log:

    I'm not sure but probably is the Page 0 not present (pfn 0xa100000000016979) part???

  • I'm having exactly the same issue.
    LEDs work with python script but hyperion doesn't do anything.
    No error in the log when trying to change a color for an example, but it just doesn't happen:
    ssh out: hyperion-remote -c ff4964
    ssh in: hyperion-remote:
    ssh in: version : V1.03.4 (brindosch-c750c41/dc6a602-1522918225
    ssh in: build time: Apr 5 2018 01:57:05
    ssh in: Connected to localhost:19444
    ssh in: Set color to 255 73 100

    Anyone with a solution ?

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