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  • A android specific grabber for all Android platforms

    /talk /gather ideas /develop

    Would be great if someone with android knowledge may pick this up, or could say if this might be possible.
    It is no problem to open a own "Android Grabber App" repository. Just ask.

  • To be honest I don't really know what "grabber" could really mean. Is it software, hardware or both ?

    For now I use a Rpi1 to drive leds and a Windows HTPC with Kodi to play videos and "grab" pictures for Hyperion on the Pi. But before that I had an Android amlogic box and it lacks some support to grab pictures with hardware decoding. A lot of people buy cheap and various android boxes (even not so cheap as Nvidia Shield), they might be interested to use them with Hyperion.

    I don't know if some kind of android middleware could help to handle these various devices.

  • It's more like the screenshot function only in moving pictures. It takes only the display be tapped as "HyperionScreenCap" for Windows does. By transmitting the data over the network is no longer needed AV grabber. That would give 4k Support for Android devices like Windows with .HyperionScreenCap. No specific hardware is needed...only Android^^. it takes as a service running in the background.

  • Hi. I have a lightberry HD USB, a raspberry pi 2 for hyperion and a sony android tv (kd55-x0509c) if i would to use hyperion I disable 3D acceleration but 1080p video play is saccaded :(
    An android grabber is a verry good idee or support mediacodec (surface) acceleration in kodi :)

    Sorry for my English..

  • I'm dreaming about an android grabber, for now I have a lightpack connected to a raspberry pi 2 and kodi on my sony android tv, If an android grabber existed I could use the lightpack with netflix, plex, live tv, games ... that could be awesome

  • +1

    I want to use Hyperion with the kodi addon on my nvidia shield.
    But playing a UHD 4k movie without hardware acceleration is not possible.

    It will be also nice to grab the native Android TV Display and not only the kodi UI.
    With that you could also be able to habe amblight with i.e. Amazon Video playing.

  • VNC should work. The workaround i use now for ambilight on my shield is to mirror the screen to my pc via mirrorgo. Then use the windows screencapture app to send the colordata to the pi.

    Would love to have an app that sent the colordata directly to the server.

  • The huge problem is that Kodi has (often) no access to hardware accelerated videos (Android). Maybe due to hardware restrictions. At least it is nothing we could change as the kodi internal interface is "black".

    Wherever you look, you are surrounded by content protection mechanics.

  • Does this means hyperion add-on for Kodi/SPMC would never work on the Shield? (Kodi/SPMC running on the shield, with the add-on and hyperion running on a RPi2 driving the leds)?

    The hyperion addon works but not with hardware acceleration and not in menus. With the VNC solution i get ambilight in all android apps including netflix and games.

  • It should work if you disable HW acceleration. (mediacodec (surface)).

    Yes that is the way im doing it now. Its not ideal. I had to turn on "true motion" on tv to compensate for the few extra ms of latency it gives me on the lights.

  • I'm using mirrorgo at the moment. It's the first one that i found that would display the mirror on full screen, low resolution/low latency. But its subscrition based so it costs money. Right now i'm looking for an alternative that is fast, free and has a linux/web client so that i can mirror the image directly to my rpi running raspbian with hyperion.

    Oh, and sorry, no netflix with vnc. Video just show up black on the client. Not sure about amazon prime.

  • I think the key for hyperion on android is the Android own screencap function, i checked on my HTC oneM8 and with Prime Video app it works to capture screenshoots and videos

    @Angrysalad I just checked mirrorgo, really nice also working with Amazon Prime app. Bad that it just works with windows,

    Anyone knows a mirrorgo alternative for Linux based OS?

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