Add an custom effect to Hyperion remote

  • Hello,
    I created a custom made json file, i.e. hyperion.json, and would like to have this effect into my effects tab of the Hyperion app on my iPhone. I need a kind of .py-file to do so; who can help me out on this?

  • There is a misunderstanding. I mean the effect json file you created, not your hyperion config.

    You have to place your custom made json effect file into "/storage/hyperion/effects" or "/usr/share/hyperion/effects". If you want to put it elsewhere, then you have to add your path to "effects" in hyperion config

  • I'm a little confused now. I have placed this file into "/storage/hyperion/effects" on my RasPi 2, and I can see it appear into my Hyperion app on my IPhone, only the text in my selection box for this effect is empty. But the effect can be selected, I only want a "name" for it in the selection list on my IPhone.

  • I have placed the attached file into "/storage/hyperion/effects" on my RasPi 2, and renamed it "hyperion.json" and that's it. No other files available or made.
    I hope you can help me out on this one.

  • the attached file is a hyperion config not a effect json. Look into your effects folder.

    a effects file look like that:

       "name" : "Knight rider",
       "script" : "",
       "args" :
         "speed" : 1.0,
         "fadeFactor" : 0.7,
         "color" : [255,0,0]

    this is from the knight rider.json

  • Sorry for the misunderstanding. I don't want to customize an existing effect, I want a new effect.

    What I have done is the following: I bought an Ambilight HD kit (with RasPi 2 and videograbber) and installed it on my LED TV. I used Hyperion to create the Hyperion config file, which gives the correct instruction set (i.e. file Hyperion.config.json) to Hyperion on my RasPi to act as an Ambilight on the TV. This is running well.

    I also installed the Hyperion app on my IPhone. I make contact with openelec server on RasPi so I can use the build-in effects (but no ambilight effect) in Hyperion on the same leds of my TV. Now I was thinking; how can I include the ambilight effect in the list of available effects on my IPhone app to turn it on and off. So I copied the Hyperion.config.json -file into the same directory as the other effects on my RasPi and renamed it into Hyperion.json. After a restart and reconnection of my IPhone with the openelec server on my RasPi, this Hyperion effect is available in the overview list on my IPhone app, but the name is blanked. I was just wandering how can I get a name for this new effect in my Hyperion overview effects on my IPhone (see attachment)?

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