Some advise with a Wemos mini please

  • Hello all,

    I have a NodeMcu ESP8266 ES-12E board that I use with the ESP8266 Hyperion LED Controller library. It works very well. And in constructing one pixel bar, it peaked my curiosity in how far I could Bling my Hyperion setup.

    So I ordered a bunch of Wemos d1 mini's. In anticipation of fabricating a bunch of remote pixel bar's. However I'm unable to get them to work and could use some advise please.

    The sketch I used for the Wemos is the exact same I've used with the 12E board without problems. However it not working properly on the Wemos. The output from the serial console just loops this:

    I'm lost and seeking some expert advise please. As I'm out of my league and my Google-Fu is failing me.

    Many thanks.

  • I realized I should of posted a verbose log level, for clarity.

    Is it normal for the logs to omit the Wifi SSID and password?

    I do have the SSID and password correctly set in ConfigStatic.h.


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