NodeMcu setup. Need a hand please.

  • A few weeks ago I came upon a German forum posting (…n-wifi-led-controller-udp) detailing how to setup a ESP8266 NodeMCU with Hyperion. (I used Google translate) I was able to setup a ESP8266 ES-12E with a small string of ws2812b as a test and it was working good. So I dismantled it to test some other stuff and ordered some more ESP8266's to setup a bunch of remote pixels. =) And put aside the remote pixel idea till the order arrived.

    So I received the Nodemcu's I ordered (Wemos mini's) and sure enough Murphy's law is at work and I can't get it to work on ether of the Nodemcu's type's I have again. And I'm not spotting my error and would greatly appreciate if someone would check my work.

    I can run a simple strand test on both board with success with a string of 25 ws2812b's. With ether the Neopixel library or FastLed library. I have attached to this post, some fritzing pictures on the wiring that works for the strand test and for the remote pixel.
    The “HyperionRGB.ino” file I have set “#define LED D3” nothing else changed.

    The ConfigStatic.h.example is copyed to ConfigStatic.h and edited as such:

    I have no problems uploading the sketch to ether of the Nodemcu boards, I can log in to the web interface and login with the android app.

    However the LED's refuse to work now! And this unskilled hobbyist needs a hand please.

    I even tried blowing out the Arduino install and reinstalling it and reinstalling the recommended libraries that SciLor lists in the Git repo as well. =/

    I'm lost Help please.

    Thank you

  • I wish I had a dollar for ever time I figure it out minutes after posting for help. . . . .

    I see my error now. I failed to set the correct pin in ConfigStatic.h. It was set as "D1" the example default. I needed it set to D3.

    Well . . . ..

    Many many thanks to all Dev's / contributors.


  • I found another configuration error I made, I had previously wrote “The “HyperionRGB.ino” file I have set “#define LED D3” nothing else changed.”

    This should not have been changed. That pin is for the Nodemcu's on-board led.
    In changing that pin, it made the first led in the strand blink green at regular intervals. It took me quite awhile to figure out my error.

    Well anyway Many Thanks.

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