Upgraded Thank's

  • Hello follow Hyperion fan's.

    I reworked my first Hyperion system as seen Here.

    My new system is now composed of:
    244 apa102 LED's
    RPI first version B. + lvl. shifter
    HDMI splitter + HDMI2AV + easycap utv007
    2 10a 5v power supply's (One supply for top and left side. And one supply for bottom and right side. And each side is power on both ends)

    Some pictures of my upgraded Hyperion system.

    Led's encased in standard aluminum LED corner defuser's.

    SN74AHCT125N (mini hat?)

    Pi + mini hat.

    Strip wired.

    Audience waiting patiently.

    2 power supply's

    16g wire powering every LED strip end.

    look's better when TV is closer to wall.

    As you can probably see I like the mad science look =p

    Again, a big Thanks to all the Dev's / contributors.

  • I found a camera with ok quality. So enjoy my Hyperion show off.:bigsmile:

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