Is this a Sufficient PSU?

  • I'm about to start putting together a Hyperion "Ambilight" setup. One of the things I forgot was a PSU for the LEDs. I am using 60LEDs per meter WS2812B version. According to FAQ, I'm looking at 18watts per meter. For my 50 inch tv I was thinking 3.5 meters should be good (haven't had a chance to measure as LEDs aren't in yet) So at 5v I think should be about 12.6amps? So I was looking at this (GutReise Universal Adjustable Switching Selectable ) on amazon and was wondering if it would be acceptable? Trying to figure this out now as I live on an island in Canada that to order from particular sites other than Amazon can take some time. My knowledge of this stuff is pretty basic so any help would be appreciated.

  • Hi

    That power supply is inadequate, it's only 2.1 amp.

    I would be guessing at your actual led count. However the calculation to figure you own supply amperage needs are:
    Each "pixel" contains 3 LED's (Red, Green, Blue) each LED can draw approximately 20 milliamps. So each pixel can draw 60 milliamps at full power. So if you are using say 250 pixels at 60 milliamps per pixel that's 15 amps. it can draw at full brightness. However you also want a bit of wiggle room so a power supply with a bit more amperage would be a better choice.

    Hope it's of help.

  • How about 30amps? Letour LED Power Supply 5V 30A AC 96V-240V Converter Adapter DC S-150W-5 Power Supply for LED Lighting,LED Strip,CCTV…sw_r_cp_apa_fQ0TzbQ72D1XD

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