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    In Debian 11 Bullseye & Kodi 19+, you would need to use fkms for Hyperion to capture the screen.

    I made the experience that it works with the kms driver. Or did you see the same feature like me (#11) with the kms driver. Lord Grey (#7) seems to have it working, too.

    I know, that with ws281x mode i have to use hyperion as root user and lose the audio facility, but I selected the wled mode and installed wled at a ESP8266...


    today I come back with some new information and a new "feature".

    I have Hyperion working now with the screen capture like shown in #7, working in wled mode. (btw. wled really works great.)

    Now I have a new feature. If I start kodi, already at the start screen, and furtheron some leds are bright shining white. These are the same 30 leds at the top and 28 at the bottom, leaving 17 leds not affected at the left side and 37 at the right, also overspanning the 2 gap positions at the bottom.

    Beneath this, the kodi colors get extended like expected.

    I have no idea where this bright overlaying area does come from.

    If I leave kodi, the effect vanishes.

    Who has an idea where this behavior comes from?

    protocol attached.

    It is always a better idea to read the actual original Raspi documentation than search the whole internet and find thinks that are outdated....

    I've done this and now it is clear that with bullseye at rpi4 some thing are other than at rpi3 with buster or older Op. systems, where I made my 1st steps with kodi, tvheadend and hyperion....

    Forget my questions above, in only one thing I am still interested: What is your rpi4 cooling method and do you have temperature problems playing pictures or videos with kodi?

    Yes, I have it disabled, so it is logically, now I only wonder that Kodi works with disabled KMS driver...

    Do you have Kodi working at the same system?

    My kodi actually works with pitures, but playing videos is not ok. At last kodi freezes after video start.

    I made some tests:

    1st, raspi-config does not offer me the menu point to change the driver, so I enabled it in config.txt,as result the raspi does not start anymore

    after these last logs

    the screen gets black.

    I had to turn this setting back and it works again.

    Can this behavior come from hyperion installation?

    How can I prevent Hyperion from starting after boot? I'd like to look how kodi and the gl-driver behave when hyperion not is working.

    actually I have it running with wled configuration, this works quite good, still some issues with the light I am just examining

    meanwhile I am on the wled track, but I do not get it controlled from the internal screen capture, neither framebuffer nor dispmanX. What is recommended??

    the 1st issue I have solved, turend to wled control and took away the root rights.

    < ----- Current Log --------------------------- >
    2023-01-30T22:51:34.453Z [LEDDEVICE|First LED Hardware instance] (ERROR) Device disabled, device 'ws281x' signals error: 'Hyperion must run with "root" privileges for this device. Current user is: "micha"'
    2023-01-30T22:53:29.825Z [LEDDEVICE|First LED Hardware instance] (ERROR) Previous line repeats 6 times
    2023-01-30T22:53:29.825Z [LEDDEVICE|First LED Hardware instance] (ERROR) Device disabled. Maximum number of 6 attempts enabling the device reached. Tried for -1325405724 seconds.
    2023-01-30T22:57:00.771Z [WEBSOCKET] (DEBUG) (WebSocketClient.cpp:30:WebSocketClient()) New connection from ::ffff:
    2023-01-30T22:57:01.442Z [WEBSOCKET] (DEBUG) (JsonAPI.cpp:129:handleInstanceSwitch()) Client '::ffff:' switch to Hyperion instance 0
    2023-01-30T22:57:01.782Z [WEBSOCKET] (DEBUG) (JsonAPI.cpp:1197:handleLoggingCommand()) log streaming activated for client ::ffff:


    today I got to work on my rpi4 with SK6812 LEDs in pwm mode.

    (The sk6812spi mode does not support my 264 LEDs...)

    To use the pwm mode I've to set dtparam=audio=on in /boot/config.txt.

    With this setting I deactivate audio and hence the audio output to the HDMI interface, so kodi has no audio output anymore.

    Is there any solution to get back the audio output with the pwm mode.

    No reaction...

    meanwhile I installed Hyperion at my media center, based on a rpi4. This has had some Issues , but now I can access the web configuration tool also at this system.

    But other as at my rpi3 (there it only does not work), if I try to select the internal screen capture and click on the checkbox, immediatly the website makes an update as it should do only, if I click on the save configuration button, and

    comes back with the checkbox not activated. If I repeat this, happens the same again. I cannot select the internal frame buffer.

    Has anyone an Idea?

    ok, I tried to activate the internal buffer while kodi was running. If I close kodi then I can activate the internal frame buffer or dispmanX.

    On the IP address you might see

    OK, I've read and understand, Thanks

    systemctl status hyperion@micha

    systemd service for user %i

    hyperiond is the binary

    actually I get here

     systemctl status hyperion@micha
    ● hyperion@micha.service - Hyperion ambient light systemd service  for user micha
         Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/hyperion@.service; disabled; vendor preset: enabled)
         Active: inactive (dead)

    still don't know why it is disabled and inactive...

    searching around I found this thread and tried

    /usr/bin/hyperiond -d

    and got the answer

    2023-01-29T17:32:23.508 |__| MAIN              : <ERROR> The Hyperion Daemon is already running, abort start
    Access the Hyperion User-Interface for configuration and control via:

    I absolutely do not know from where the machine gets the address, but with the name of my raspi

    http://Medienserver.local:8090 I can reach the web interface.... :)

    systemctl status hyperiond@micha.service

    Unit hyperiond@micha.service could not be found.

    I think the Ports are not occupied, Kodi uses port 8080 and tvheadend uses port 9981

    and link file


    exists and leads to


    with this content:

    time heals many wounds.... but not all

    today I repeated the installation of hyperion and now the installation ends with the right IPv4-address

    but my browser (Firefox, and edge does the same) still tells me that it can not establish a connection to the site.

    On that raspberry I have already Kodi and tvheadend running and I can reach the web interface of both.

    Further I have Samba and mindlna at the system running.

    The syslog message and the timing behavior at the ps command still remain.

    If the system (Rpi) has activated more than one IPv4 interfaces (wlan0 and eth0) Hyperion only offers the web confiuration tool with one (actually at me eth0) address.

    Even if then the eth0 interfaces is deactivated (all eth0 configration entries removed) hyperion appears with this address, seems to take it from any cache files.

    I think, the hyperion web configuration should should be available through all IPv4-addresses of the device. For more information look here.