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    Althoug very inelegant and patchworky, I'm having more success this way at this point:

    hyperion => openhab - hue emulation => openhab - lifx bindings => lifx led stips

    May I ask, how did you achieve that? I'm using HA and I'd love to find some sort of solution to this. Could you please elaborate a little bit about this methond? I don't quite understand this:

    "hyperion => openhab - hue emulation => openhab - lifx bindings => lifx led stips"

    Thanks in advanced

    There's similar stuff in HA but I don't understand how you get the color to be communicated from hyperion to a hue bulb and then to a lifx bulb. I'd very much appreciate any help

    Hay gente que está consiguiendo hacerlo funcionar con cámara. Tiene alguna limitación pero por lo que he podido leer no se aleja tanto de cable directo, todo depende de lo exigente que seas. Yo personalmente me he comprado el ambivision Pro y estoy encantado, por lo que he visto en videos de hyperion no tiene mucho que envidiarle y no tienes que renunciar a absolutamente nada (4K,HDR,dobly,Apps de la TV, etc etc)

    Sinceramente yo tiraría por la vía Hyperion. Ambivision se olvidarán de ti una vez tengan tu dinero y te obviarán, son penosos y cualquier problema que tengas deberás solucionártelo tu. Sólo les interesa tu dinero y una vez lo tengan, no oirás de ellos nunca más. Yo estoy rezando para que mi ambilight no falle, pero en cuanto lo haga, me iré a Hyperion. Son unos sinvergüenzas.

    You are the question and the answer.

    Ambivision support is pretty much non existent. Ambivision forum? the only thing I found is reddit and its last post was from 1 year ago at the time I looked there. Been reading there and people are even more lost than me, getting way more innacurate resuts as far as I've read and seen over youtube.

    Came here trying to resolve my doubts, I wanted to learn whether I had achieved the best possible results or if still there was some room to improve. And tbh, you have helped me quite a bit with your last post and the prior ones. Long story short, this is the best it can do and I should bother no more. I haven't found this answer anywhere else. Besides that, there are rules that apply to every system given the camera setup, for example, increase red and green gamma, decrease saturation, increase exposure, etc, etc.

    Sorry if I bothered anyone by doing this. Not only I wanted to know if the limitations of the camera setup were universal but also I wanted to know how hyperion worked with a camera and how it compared to ambivision since I'll probably move to that setup as soon as my current one dies.

    I'll keep asking the guys about their results if you don't mind.

    Again, sorry and thanks for your help, it's really been helpful for my peace of mind.

    I'm using ambivision, not hyperion, so I'm afraid I can't do that :( but thanks anyways. I can manipulate colors curves though. It's red/orange in the video preview though and the only way to fix those browns is by increasing the camera gain, which then screws the high tones which become way to whitened. I'd rather give up on the browns. I have configured my system in a way that there's no color wash when there's radical change in brightness, I don't like that either, but I believe that a static camera gain range is affecting the camera's perception of some colors. Still 90% of the times it's spot on, 9% is really acurate and there's this 1% which sucks.

    I believe it's a problem of amvision's camera + my qled. If you have any idea to fix that I'd appreciate it.

    Prior to buying ambivision I questioned in the forum whether it was feasible to achieve a camera setup with hyperion and I was advised against. I clearly stumbled upon the wrong guy, this setups look both really promising, at least worth a try, really beautiful results!

    How do you guys deal with different refresh rates? can you set different refresh rates on your cameras? Can that be done in any way?

    Colors are betters in real life than the footages from my phone,

    They look beautiful anyways!

    The distance is maybe 1.5-2 meters.

    Do you believe it could work witha 4-5 meters distance?

    thanks guys

    Not sure it has been implemented already, been searching in the forum but I can't find any concrete answer. Is it posible to set the whole led to a single color? the average color of the whole screen?

    If so, is it possible to set a mix of the two effects? for example, 80% whole and 20& parts.

    thanks in advanced for any response.

    how does the camera behave with brightness shifts? how does it compare to an HDMI setup with hyperion?

    With ambivision there's a value called auto camera gain range to calibrate how the camera adjusts to the screen brightness. It's noticable how the camera takes around a second to adjust to the scene when you move from a bright scene to a dark scene and viceversa. If you set the gain range too low, it ingnores mid-low and low tones. If you set it too high, it catches all colors but it doesn't do a great job since brighter colors get washed.

    More ambivision cons

    Since it depends on a camera and automatically adjusts the gain according to the screen brightness, when moving from a dark scene to a bright one it takes 1 second to adjust. It doesn't cripple the experience, it's not even noticeable when watching the sceen, but if you seek it you find it. It can avoided by disabling the auto camera gain but then dark scenes always leave the strip off.

    in the end I don't love any system (govee, philips, hyperion, ambivision).. this one is the least worst for my needs. With hyperion I believe I'd love the way it breaks the colors and matches the screen, but I'd hate to give up on my TV apps and be HDMI dependant.. I really can't tell which one is better tbh.

    Is there any hope that Hyperion will ever be compatible with the built in TV apps? that would be the perfect ambilight

    I wish you much happiness with your setup, but be honest and let us know how happy you are with that system in the long run 》 ofcourse we want an update !

    I'm back. Ambivision arrived a week ago and I can finally make an update now that it is 90% calibrated. Long story short, it's just outstanding although it has its flaws.

    It's been a nightmare to calibrate. It has values that need to be calibrated both on how the camera sees the screen, and after that, how the colors are reproduced in the led strip.

    There's R G and B gain values for the camera as well as an auto camera gain range which adjusts how the camera captures the screen depending on how bright the content is.

    On the led strip side, there's gamma correction, saturation correction and color curves for every channel. Leds are addressed individually much like hyperion and unlike Philips, whose gradient led strip has several sections of 10 leds each, which look ugly to me. In the app it's mandatory to set how many leds are laying in every side of the TV, like hyperion I believe? it doesn't get any more precise than this.

    One of my major concers, which was latency, vanished the first day. There's no latency, not even with at 30% smoothing effect, which is more than needed for a fluid performance. Even at 100% there's not much latency and at 0% there's no flickering, so all in all, zero problems with that.

    On top of that, it has an API with which I can easily control the led strip through Node Red. It has been integrated in my smart home seamlessly.

    It has a beautiful effect perhaps due to the camera setup? Playing Death Strading for example, when an image with a very bright sky on the top half is displayed and dim grass in the top bottom, the led strip only represents the top half with a beautiful pure white. Hoever if you turn down the camera so you don't see the sky and see only grass, suddenly it represents the grass with a beatiful dim yellowish green. You go back up, and the dim green dissapears. It's beatiful because it behaves just like the human eye.

    Now the cons. The app crashes a lot, there's a lot to improve in the whole system since every now and then certain settings go back to default and I need to open to app to readjust them (thankfully color calibration stays intact. Only smoothing and some other minor things). Support sucks, you have to figure out yourself almost everything. I hope it keeps up in the long run?

    So, concluding, and I hope I don't get much hate, I can only thing of one reason I would go the hyperion route and that is color accuracy. I believe with Ambivision it's just not possible to get a 100% absolute perfect color accuracy given how the system works. I do believe that's feasible with hyperion although I have found just one guy in this forum who has been able to achieve that with hyperion. However, when looking at the screen, 90% color accuracy feels like a 100%. For the rest, IMHO Ambivision just outweights Hyperion by far. (CEC,HDR,4K,FHD,HDR10,TV shows, TV sports, infinite inputs, built in TV apps, etc...)

    However, I understand you guys going this route instead of Philips, I definetely share that.

    Porbably in the future I'll give hyperion a go in smaller project. Maybe for the kids console or something of the like, because I'd really really love to delve into it and get 100% perfect color accuracy.

    Thanks for your input. It's not the difficulty of building it what's holding me back, it mainly is the amount of money.

    Can you guys think of an hyperion setup that matches my needs (CEC, 4K, HDR, Prime Video and Netflix compatible) and doesn't cost more than 200€? If there is, I would really re consider. I would love to use the built in apps from my smart TV, but I could give up on that.

    Been looking in the forums to make an Ambivision like build with Hyperion, but a fellow here put it clear that it's not feasible for various reasons. You know, the camera setup saves a lot of money

    However, if there's a setup that fits my needs and doesn't go any higher than 200-250€ at the very most, I would really reconsider.

    thanks again for your help, I'll check out the forums. For the moment I believe I'm gonna order the ambivision pro and test it out for 14 days.. if it doesn't please me I'll return it and dive deep into this forum