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    Hahaha what do you want with this topic, for every build there are customization options.. depends on the wallet, time, craft, quality and what not.

    Indeed is not out of the box as Ambivision.

    I wish you much happiness with your setup, but be honest and let us know how happy you are with that system in the long run 》 ofcourse we want an update !

    So I'm not missing anything you mean? why not just get the Philips Hue system in your case for example? or the lightpack?

    Hi guys,

    I've been reading just a little bit here and there in this forum. I documented myself to some extend and I can't understand the point of hyperion, I assume I'm missing something. I hope more documented people will be able to answer.

    In my particular situation I wanted to build a system that allowed all my external HDMI devices to be connected to the light strip. I needed it to be HDR, 4K, CEC, Prime Video and Netflix compatible. After making some research I realized it was not viable since all required components (HDFury among them) were more expensive than, for example, the Lightpack UHD, so why should I bother? Even nearly as expensive as the Philips Hue system.

    So I narrowed down my requirements to just PS4 games. Again did some research and in the best case scenario, purchasing from Ali that is, the equipment's cost raised to 100€. A hundred euros for equipment without warranty, which I don't love. I'd rather pay more and purchase it from Amazon but then the bill increased to 150€. Again, what's the point of Hyperion?

    It's 150€, or 100€ if you preffer buying from Ali, that only works for one device (PS4 games in my case), no HDR, no CEC, no Prime video nor Netflix. If you go really cheap and buy a video grabber of questionable quality you might cut down the costs by 30€ but I'm not sure that's something I'd like to do.

    I am ordering the AmbiVision PRO for 235€, 100% compatible with all current and any upcoming video/audio features from the unforeseeable future. Smart features wise, it has an API to build a component or, if you're not into it, it can learn up to 3 IR commands to move between modes and turn on/off, so a broadling turns this device into a smart light strip. The app goes pretty deep into color customization, it looks very similar to hyperion to be honest. And of course it works with anything that is displayed so, regular TV channels and any other source will work as well.

    It feels like it's just the challenge of putting it together by oneself, not much more.

    Why are you going the Hyperion route?

    Thanks in advanced

    That's really helpful, I'm definetely gonna check that out. But before that, my Pi is far away from my tv. As far as I read, I can use WLED to send color information to the leds wirelessly, but the video capture still needs to be plugged, right? is there a workaround? I can't move my PI near the TV.

    Thanks again!

    It's a pi 4 and yeah I'm using the HA operating system which I'm afraid won't allow me to do that setup?

    tbh I decided to try DIY since I was expecting to get a cheap ambilight but so far I don't see that. Buying the components in Amazon goes up to 180€ already.

    thanks for your help

    Hi guys,

    As the title says I'm a newbie yet I'd love to build my own ambilight. I have very little knowledge of electronics, I just have a pi running my smarthome using HA, nothing else.

    I have a Playstation 4 working at 1080. Is there any tutorial for complete noobs?

    Can I use a raspberry pi zero w? I don't find many guys using it

    Which is the best/easiest way to build an ambilight for my PS4? In the coming 2 years I'll be buying a PS5 so I'd like to build a system that doesn't go obsolete by then.

    It doesn't need to be the cheapest, led colors are the most important. I need it to be CEC compatible.

    Well thanks in advanced for any help

    I believe this video shows it can be done with a camera and, as far as I can see, with great results. It's the Ambivision PRO. There's no lag there.

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    Do you believe something like this could be achieved with hyperion?