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    Thank you guys! This was beyond informative.
    Ok, so I'm thinking I will go ws2801 / apa102 way with 30leds and if I want more light, I can order strips from Ali Express and wait.
    I was thinking to power the pi/ led strip independently.
    I'm going off of my co-worker setup + this video < link to the power connection timing.
    I do not have soldering tools or multimeter (and honestly already in the $200+ range in parts) and need things to be delivered before Christmas. Ugh.
    So for the 5v 30led strips, I was going to order THIS POWER SUPPLY. Would you say this is efficient or this is a "cheap power source"? And I guess I can go with 10amp vs 15amp for both?

    @jeroen warmerdam
    > ground everything together and use more then one ground pin
    > Don't use the pi as the only earth point for the leds, that's a accident waiting to happen, you need to earth the led strip back to the psu and tap into it for the earth on the pi GPIO

    Can I bother to clear this up? I was thinking of something like this:

    Where black and red connect to black and red on the DC Jack connector.
    Or like the guy did in the video. Maybe I lack the terminology when expressing myself.

    PS: Here's the list of things that I've got. Everything from RPI case down is purchased, choosing the Strips, L-shape solderless connectors and power supply based on the final decision.

    P.S.2 : Ugh, it seems my options (what's in stock) are: ws2801 or sk9822. (fake apa102)

    Hello everyone!
    Total novice here. I have a programming background but no experience with electric circuits/soldering etc.
    My current setup/ idea is as follows:
    hdmi switch > hdmi splitter > hdmi capture > led strips connected to RP4b w 8Gb GPIO 18 > led strips powered by a cable with THIS connector to a power supply.
    I have decided to go with 60 led strip and has already selected the ws2813. By my calculations, I would need 5v 18amps to power 3.9 meters behind my tv. This also means I would need to buy it for ~$25-30.
    Then I have discovered ws2815, which uses 12V and doesn't have a voltage drop. By my calculations, it would need 12v 4amp power and I have 12v3am and 12v5amp power bricks laying around. The price is almost identical to buy 2813 + power supply or ws2815 + less e-waste.

    While doing research, I found 2 things that worry me. First, feedback on some of the power connectors say "do not overpower, 5amp max" and with ws2813 I would need to use 15amp (although the LED vendor sells power brick with the connector). Second, I read a comment that going 12v without soldering is dangerous and should be avoided.

    I would like some feedback on my current set up and thought process. Don't want to fry either LED strips or RasbPi.
    I can upgrade to use a breadboard or USB CONNECTOR to enable sound later on but for now, just would like to connect/ ground to Rasp Pi directly.

    Thank you in advance!