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    I've set up the SD card for a couple of Zero Ws, one being for Hyperion, using a 2 for the convenience of plug and and play connections before soldering up the Zero Ws and both worked fine. Need to watch the IP addresses where relevant but I wouldn't have thought that had anything to do with whether Hyperion starts.

    Sorry this doesn't offer an answer but just to say it should work in both, have you tried updating with the card in the Zero W?

    I don't know what page you're referring to so I'll make some guesses...

    I'd recommend a capacitor between power and ground to keep the chip happy.

    A series resistor on the output is really only helpful if you have a very long wire between the Pi and the 1st led but fitting it probably won't hurt

    How does this look...

    Hi, setting up Pi zero w with a 5m strip of APA102s and adding a level shifter as the chip was only 49p so it seemed rude not to. On several diagrams using ws2812b strips it shows a capacitor and resistor added, as these are only pennies again, should i be adding them to my set up to be on the safe side?


    Good point, it'd be up and down like a yo-yo through an action film. Running that calculator with all other settings the same gave 9.5% drop at 15A, down to 0.5% at 1A.

    My current plan, following on from Penfold42's advice, is 12awg speaker wire to cover the 2m from PSU to start of strip to cover initial voltage drop, then drop down to something 1.5mm or similar to attach to the start, end and corners as this will be more manageable both for soldering to the strip and routing around the TV. I'm only using those thin wires to connect the data lines and will probably worth them as much as possible too.

    One more question on a lesser scale, regarding the connections to the beginning of the strip.

    I'm thinking remove the heatshrink from the wired connector they come with, solder the power wire to the strip but leave all the original wires and plug connected. Then remove the wires and other gender plug from the other end of the strip and use that to connect the Pi/level shifter. Once plugged into the connector at the beginning of the strip it will take power to the Pi and data back to the strip.

    If that all makes sense, does it sound like a plan?

    Sorry, meant to say it gave the same recommendation you did which gave me confidence i knew what I was doing with it. Most interesting was seeing how you could minimise the loss with a few changes, I'm thinking of double wiring it to the Pi so the cable is manageable but maximises the cross section.

    Maybe worth adding to the FAQ?

    Perfect, thank you. Must be a lot of underwired systems out there!

    Regarding the corners, would you recommend joining the power connections between strips and then piggy backing the power supply cable or just joining the data connections and keeping the power separate as I've seen on a few set ups?

    Hi, looking for some advice on type of wiring to use please.

    I'll be running 270ish LEDs, 4.5m of 60/m, and am mounting the Pi on the frame I'm building right next to the end of the strip to keep the data lines short. I have a 30A power supply (cheaper than the 20A version) which will need a 2m cable from it to the strip and Pi.

    What would anyone recommend for the cable from the power supply to the strip and also what is recommended to create the corner joints? Please don't just say something like 'thick <whatever> wire' as what you may consider thick may be different to what I might consider thick.

    Also, would injecting power at both ends be enough or should I be looking to add it separately to each bit of strip?

    Many thanks for any advice.