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    How many total LEDs do you have and what power supply?

    I have the APA102 LED's and I've never experienced flickering. What baudrate and refreshrate do you have set on the LED Controller section?

    It was the Grabber and Converter, don´t know which one has make the problems. Bought yesterday a new HDMI2USB Grabber, everything now works fine.

    It was the old hdmi converter with the Analog USB Stick (Don´t know which one was responsible for the flickering). I replaced it by a new HDMI2USB grabber. Colors now fine and no flickering anymore, but now I need to figure out to avoid stuttering in the video.

    EDIT: Solved that by reducing the capture resolution of the recording unit.

    I bought this one from Amazon for my project - granted its not 4k but when you think about it, I don't really think 4k for the LEDs is needed. You only have so many LEDs anyway and unless you have a newer pi 3 or 4 you'll likely need to further compress the video input so there is not 5 seconds of lag on the screen.

    I have 60 LEDs/m for my project and so far can't notice any issues with LED Colors with a 1080 grabber even though my input is 4k and my TV is 75in. I'm still testing/building but I can say for sure that it doesn't output anything when my PS5 is off. All my LEDs stay off thru this grabber and its plug and play for me, hyperion saw it without my configuring anything additional.

    Yeah 4k is not really needed. But my reciever with dual HDMi output will scale both outputs to the lowest resolution. That´s why I asked for support. Should have make it more clear in my text. Sorry for that.

    Not sure if here or in the showcase thread should be postet. This here is more only hardware facts.
    I am looking really hard for Hardware which would be the perfect solution. Problem here is, that here and there somebody posting it but there is no overview. Now to help newbies like me, it would be great to give them information which hardware runs fine.
    Feel free to add your equippment, this will help a lot of people.

    Let me start with mine setup:
    Raspberry: 3b+
    Software: Alpha 9
    Strips: APA102 to GPIO
    HDMI Grabber: Analog Grabber with 4k Converter (old setup);
    Platform: Retropie
    - I have flickering in dark scences which comes from the external equippment. Reduced it by setting Gamma to 3, but still slightly visible. Internal grabber works fine.
    - 4k Converter has Rainbow image, if no signal will be detected.

    Update: Bought a new grabber. This little guy solved all mentioned problems. But video resolution needs to lowered, otherwise the video will stutter so will the led.

    Yes for black I did the same, because I had the same what you have said. But I have the flickering with the colored LED´s on low brigthness. But I think it is the Hardware. When I look into the Live View, I can see this flickering as well. I am thinking about to buy new hardware, as mine is Hdmi splitter and analog stick.

    2.0.0-alpha.9; Rasp 3b+

    Ich versuche die Umschaltung von Fernseher und internen grabber zu managen. Mit Prioritäten in der Hardware abspeichern funktioniert das auch.
    Jetzt habe ich mal die CEC Erkennung versucht, diese brachte zumindest einen halben Erfolg. Beim ausschaltet des Fernsehers, schaltet das System um auf intern. Was ich festgestellt habe ist, dass der Schalter in der Komponentensteuerung die USB-Aufnahme auf aus stellt und der Eingang verschwindet dann aus der Quellenauswahl.
    Ein wieder einschalten des Fernsehers ändert den Zustand leider nicht zurück.
    Selbst manuell lässt sich USB-Aufnahme nicht mehr als Quelleneingang hervorbringen. So muss ich den Rasp neu starten, damit USB-Aufnahme wieder geht.

    Was ist das Ziel:
    Beim ausschalten des Fernsehers, soll die LEDHardware komplett abschalten. Beim HDMI Eingangswechsel, soll Hyperion von Intern auf extern wechseln.

    Since it seems to be a faulty system of the splitter or the grabber (Analog one from Logitech) where I get random flickering of single led´s (Visible in the preview as well), I am looking for recommandations of 4k HDMI USB grabbers. The 4k is only requested, because my reciever has dual monitor output and will scale both outputs to the lowest resolution. I think who does not have this, they can use standard low resolution converters.
    Does somebody has found a good one? Preferable without rainbow screen, so I can switch on the no signal detection. My old one shows the rainbow screen if no input is available.

    Assuming you wired everyting correct and WebUi is running try the following .

    Fault finding for external grabber:
    1. Does the internal grabber work in the preview window? No, jump to step 6; Yes, go to step 2
    2. Check Preview window with live video on (Button switch to green) -> No video, go to step 3; Yes go to step 6
    3. Check if USB record is active under Remote -> Yes, go to step 4; No, damn it switch it on. Repeat with Step 1 if still not working.
    4. Check if Rasp getting an Image, follow jeroen steps -> No, go to step 5;
    5. Check your equippment without the rasp by connecting them directly indepently on other Hardware like Laptop or different Tv/Screen. Hardware ok go to step 7

    Fault finding internal grabber
    6. Show LED and effects are visible in the preview? No, Check if you have set up the correct controller type in the LED Hardware setup window; Yes, go to step 7.
    7. Check your led set up, wires are wrong connected, faulty or no power supply or wrong conected on the rasp. Get a short strip working with effcets running, before installing the whole system.

    Whole set up with APA102 stripes and Hyperion NG Alpha 9 working perfectly with internal and external grabber in regadrs of changing colors. But as I want it to be perfect, I have a issue which I couldn´t find in the forum. When a dark scence comes up or the color is not in full brigthness (I would guess below 20-30% brightness), the led starts flickering but not hard flickering it like on off and it is happening with same the color. So it is not a black problem. This applys only to the external grabber. Which value need to be changed to stop that?
    GND is connected to PI and Stripe.
    This kind of flickering wasn´t visible with the old Hyperion. So guessing it is a Software option
    I am asking, before I start to buy a new powersupply and ferrite filter.