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    Great!! Still waiting for it.. Wich custom resolution did you use?

    I use 720x480 (now I see it's not 16:9 but it's closest to 16:9 of the predefined options on my list)

    perhaps give an try. Where do you set it to 16:9?

    Go to Configuration > Capturing Hardware, scroll down to USB Capture window and there is select named "Device Resolution".

    are you using rpi4? And could you watch 4k withm hyperion running without flickering?

    No, for hyperion I'm using only rpi zero w. As far as I know this is full hd grabber (not 4K), so it might be not possible to run this with 4K set. On the other side in my case I'm downscaling the grabber to the lowest possible 16:9 resolution in hyperion settings in order to achieve real-time ambilight experience so maybe it could do the trick with 4K also?