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    I believe some HDMI grabbers display a static image with vertical colored bars when there's no input signal detected. You should be able to resolve this by enabling 'signal detection' for USB Capture in Capturing Hardware.

    Hi there,

    So I've managed to set up Hyperion alpha 9 with a Raspberry Pi and a NodeMCU running WLED. I can control the colors just fine using WLED and I am able to connect to WLED using Hyperion.

    But.. when setting a solid color through the HomeAssistant Hyperion integration the chosen color resets back to the color it's set to in the WLED interface after 2 seconds. So let's say I set the color to blue in the WLED GUI and after that I change the color to red in the Hyperion HomeAssistant Integration the color changes back to blue after 2 seconds.

    Hyperion effects stay on perfectly fine though, this only happens when choosing a solid color. I've tried changing the priority for the Hyperion HA integration but to no avail. What am I doing wrong here?

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: Did some testing. Grabbing video works but if the video pauses the colors also go back to the last color set by WLED. So this isn't just an issue with solid colors.