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    OK, got the fisheye Arducam and it's almost perfect for our needs! The FoV is a bit larger than my screen, but not overly periscope-large like the other one I received. I think this one can work for an even bigger TV! I can capture cropped video, which should bump up the framerate a little (~57 fps from a quick test).

    The only issue is the reflective surface as mentioned above, but that might be a minor nuisance. Can play around with background subtraction if needed, or leave it as-is in worst case. Or just turn off the lamp, since it should look the best in darkness anyways ^^

    I am happy so hear that. I just a china capture card for now, but might give the fisheye arducam a shot. How did you adjust the rectangular shape in the settings to the more curvy outline of the screen without manually placing each led/pixel?

    Talking about the color picture using an old oneplus as a webcam yieldsna good result. I use the grabber with my PS5 too. However if you have a webcam that works as good as my oneplus image-wise then this should be your go to solution. Since it is universal and not dependent on the output device/resolution and enables >60hz frame rates (to not slow down the ps5/TV rate)

    piperion did you manage the calibrating process? If so, how did you do? v4l2-ctrl script at startup?

    Nope it seems that the picam it self is not so great. Tested with droidcam from my phone brought a better color result however, had a noticable delay. For my PS I now use a 20 € hdmi splitter/grabbed from china, works like charm. However I need to use netflix etc on the PS rather than the smart TV. It delivers 1080p grabber and loops 2160p 60hz through... Good enough...

    Sorry to hijack, quick question:

    How do I set up the camera areas like you did?

    I am using a USB camera and I only see the option to crop pixels from the sides, no option to adjust it like you did in the picture.

    Sorry, do you mean adapting the leds to the TV boundaries that are not perfectly horizontal/vertical ?

    Please find my screenshot in german attached. It's in LED Hardware in expanded section. You can specify the locations of all 4 corners. Honestly I did search a while myself to find it :D

    Dear Friends,

    I try to setup Hyperion with my Pi Cam, but I have issues calibrating. I took a picture to show the problem on a white screen.

    Due to capturing the screen image via camera and the viewing angle the camera detects a certain "gradient" where it should be white.

    I mean I can related why this happens but I dont know if I can compensate it.

    Is there any option in hyperion how to correct for this or any other suggestions? Is the Camera the problem?

    Any help would be appreciated.