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    Thank you genius person Lighting-guy77 - that was it!!!

    I didn't realize the strip had to be connected at both ends although i suspected that was a possibility!! I'll try the multi-ground into the PI next even though the flickering seems to have gone away.

    One more question for the experts (now totally off thread, sorry :/ ). I'm using a 1080p USB capture card with passthrough (generic from amazon) with a RPI version 1 - any suggestion on a good blend for resolution/FPS/decimation for USB capture that wouldn't overtax the hardware?

    Hello everyone. First post here. I have a similar issue in that I get flickering on the last part of the strip (WS2812B RGB) 5050 with plenty of power (10A). Happens only on yellow or red. I use a 1st gen RPI and latest Hyperbian and everything seems correctly grounded. I tested with the buddy app with single color and it's clear the issue is in that range (yellow / red) and lowering brightness in half does not resolve the issue.

    My layout is 129 LEDs and the issue seems to be happening around the last 20'ish LEDs at the end of the strip. Question #1 - should i create a new thread with this or is here OK given that there's some similarity?

    Question #2 - any idea how to easily troubleshoot the strip without Hyperion? Laying around the house i have some PCs, a RPI4, RPI 1 and an Arduino Uno.