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    I figured out what the issue was:

    It's on Hyperbian side, where I have a usb camera grabber with lower priority for when watching native TV content.

    I set the "trapezoid" percentages (in led configuration) to match where the webcam sees my screen.

    This was reflected to the image captured by the android app and hence ignoring the screen edges.

    Setting all leds to 0%/100% as they were by default fixed it.

    Is there some way to use different led percentages for different grabbing sources?

    Thank you

    Hey, thanks for replying.

    I don't really know if it is something that can be solved through Hyperion (hyperbian) settings, or through the grabber app, so I sought help from the community in the forums and then thought asking the app developer directly in github.

    Sorry if that's against the rules somehow :)

    Could you give me some tips as to how to troubleshoot it?

    Is this a known issue or am i the first to encounter it?

    Hey everyone.

    I have my setup with Kodi on a Fire TV stick.

    I downloaded the apk of "hyperion android grabber" and it connects great to my hyperbian rpi where the leds are hooked up.

    My issue is that the android grabber app only captures an area in the center of the screen and not the edges.

    I tried looking for similar issues but I have not found anything.

    I am attaching some pictures of what I'm experiencing.

    Is there any way to fix this?

    Thanks in advance.

    Completed the build against the black wall. I think the amount of light is perfect :)

    Wouldn't want something brighter.

    I'll upload some vids as soon as I figure out how to calibrate the usb camera.

    Is there a guide on how to do it? Do I just set it and randomly change the pixels crop?

    I saw somewhere a picture where you can set a trapezoid to match the frame of your TV in the stream. How can I do that? I can't figure it out.

    Hey everyone,
    I have an LG GX which sits flush to the wall.

    The wall is painted black, with those chalk board like paints. So matte black?

    Yesterday I realized i had all the parts laying around to create an ambilight set up.

    So i hooked up a 60led/m ws2812B strip to an RPi, along with a webcam and a 18a power supply and started tinkering.

    After a lot of tinkering (since the links to the website dont seem to load) i managed to get it to work. Still needs some calibrating but it goes ok.

    I still have not taped the led strips to the back of the TV so I'm thinking about the next step.

    Main question is about the dark wall behind the TV. I like the fact that the tv disappears when off.

    Has anyone tried or seen any video of ambilight against a black wall? how does it look?

    Should i go ahead? should i forget it? should i change the color of the wall?

    Secondly, has anyone installed led strips to an LG GX and has any helpful info to provide?

    Thank you in advance.