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    Luminis our new TV does have HDR. I don't think any of our content uses Dolby Vision. My research so far on here (between classes) suggests that HDR doesn't play very well, so I'll have to find some way to convert or strip it. I did use the HDFury linker to prevent HDCP issues and will most likely continue to use that so I can keep using 4K output without issue.

    Mike72 Yeah, I have definitely been looking into these newer HDMI converters. The Lightberry 4k kit I had basically did all of that. HDMI goes in one side and USB out the other, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything now either. Regardless, I am going to update the whole system. I'll research that Macrosilicon 2109 chipset. Thanks for the info! Very much appreciated!

    Hey all,

    I'm upgrading an old Hyperion setup that was damaged in a move. Basically the LED's were torn off my TV and destroyed. I use a sub output from an Onkyo receiver to an HDFury linker to a Lightberry kit so I can use a 4k signal without any issues. I'm going to get a RPI 4 and it looks like is the way to go. I hadn't realized how long it had been since I upgraded it. I'm more curious if you would recommend any additional upgrades? I see a lot of discussion about APA102 vs SK6812 vs WS2801 etc. Please don't misunderstand, I'm not begging for answers, I'm looking for any opinions you would be willing to share while I simultaneously read through the new forums. On another note, does the project take donations?

    My current system:

    Lightberry HDMI 4k kit (doesn't look like you can buy this anymore)

    HDFury 4k linker

    Raspberry pi 3b

    Mokungit APA102-C from amazon

    5V 10A power supply

    Self built level shifter setup