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    Hello, this is the configuration that I currently have on my TV, I had the two strips connected to a dreamscreen 4k but it died and I would like to keep this configuration if possible. I would like to avoid having to buy new LEDs, take off or solder them. Would it be possible to keep this configuration of led strips?

    Hi, I just started creating my settings for my tv and I am super lost :(

    I already have the raspberry 4 with hyperbian installed. I have two sk6812 led strips, the 1st strip begins at the bottom right (40 leds on the right side) and ends at the top (110 leds). 2nd starts at the bottom right (110 leds bottom) and ends at the left side (40 leds). I understand that in hyperion I have to create two led instances, but my question is and how do I connect it to the GPIO so that they act independently? Can multiple output pins be configured on the GPIO or should I use another connection method for my led strips ??


    Hola, acabo de empezar a crear mi configuración para mi tv y estoy super perdido :(

    Tengo ya la raspberry 4 con hyperbian instalado. Tengo dos tiras leds sk6812, la 1º tira empieza en la parte inferior derecha (40 leds lateral derecho) y termina en la parte superior (110 leds). 2º empieza parte inferior derecha (110 leds inferior) y termina en el lateral izquierdo (40 leds). Por lo que entiendo que en hyperion tengo que crear dos instancias led, pero mi duda es y como lo conecto a las ras para que actúen de forma independiente ?? Se pueden configurar varios pines de salida en el GPIO o debo usar otro método de conexión para mis tiras leds ??


    Un saludo