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    Lightning-guy77  D34DC3N73R I appreciate yalls help and knowledge. After future review and all suggestions and reading countless other post I thank I tackled the issue and I can say it's fixed. So after doing different setups and soilering desoldering and you guys telling me to ditch the barrels everything works perfectly. Now running Ws2812B 144 per meter is a lot and you need to run more wire so I ditched them and running 30 leds per meter which puts me at 60 leds per meter. All in all you guys are awesome and thank you for your help. So the issue was how many lights lack of current distribution and the barrels. Thanks again oh and I used a 330R resistor on the data line

    No I'm using 18awg to the leds which they aren't that long. So basically I should use 6awg wire to the LEDs and and find a power plug that has 6awg ?

    D34DC3N73R Thanks for your reply ? I used the wire splitters you buy @ home depot or lowes. I spliced a micro usb and I use a male and female connetor from the psu to power the pi. I initially did the setup as before but I changed to connectors on the ends vurs solder but end up having the same issue on less leds. Nothing changes in the visualizer but when I did the connection with wires when the lights would flicker and go out there would always be one bright led and I'd start to see smoke ???‍♂️. The psu is right behind my tv I'll take pics and post I'm using gpio18

    D34DC3N73R I have a question ❓ I was running 144 per meter strips around my 55inch which put me at 467Leds Total. I was using a 5v 60a power supply with a pi3 B+ and a capture card. I didn't use a distribution block but I did inject power at each end of all four strips but after awhile I would get crazy flicker and color change. Switch out the psu things ran great then boom same thing happen. So I switched to 60 leds per meter which puts me at 226 leds total same set up and crazy flicker am I doing something wrong not sure how to combat this. I checked for voltage drops and none. Psu is set to 5.2v I'm running hyperion alpha9