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    Similar to before, I cut the LEDs that I needed, and then I got a nodemcu to run WLED. And this extra light strip with 50 leds I am planning to add at the bottom of the TV stand to sync it with Hyperion. Or you could use it somewhere else

    Next time, try this in the video grabber. Unplug everything, and then connect the video grabber in the following order, Power > HDMI INPUT > HDMI OUTPUT > USB OUTPUT. And if for any reason the PI still not recognizing the grabber, restart the PI but not the video grabber.


    I am completely new to Hyperion, and first of all, I want to thanks the developers for this incredible job. After installing and making the Hyperbian (2.0.0-alpha.9) on a RPi3 and managing to make it work and everything seems fine using the web configuration. I wanted to start adding Hyperion to my Home Assistant (HA), I can control the wled, turn it on/off and change color, effects. But I cannot access any of the other entities that I guess should be available on HA, as the USB capture component, all of them appear as unavailable. I used the Hyperion configuration on HA, so I am not sure if I did something wrong or this is normal.

    Thanks in advance

    Hyperion: 2.0.0-alpha.9

    HA core: core-2021.3.4

    HA supervisor: supervisor-2021.03.9