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    It sounds like you're not connecting the ground from your Pi to your LED strip. If you're using a barrel jack connector, you can connect a dupont cable (same type as the one that's connecting the GPIO18 pin to the data pin on the LED strip) for this. What I'm doing is one side of the cable goes into a ground GPIO pin, the other side goes inside the barrel jack, this was a little tricky at first but I ended up twisting the LED strip's ground wire around the dupont pin.

    The issue I was reporting was caused by a bad GPIO pin, as it wasn't sending signal to the lights. I replaced the Pi and things are almost working perfectly.

    I'm currently having an issue with the ZumYu Passthrough Streaming Recording Camcorder (saw this exact card in a YouTube tutorial, currently not using an HDMI switch, just my Chromecast going into the capture card, which then goes to TV via HDMI and Pi via USB). When I check the Remote Control tab, I see that the card appears for a few seconds then disappears for about a second, then repeats. When it's visible in the the Remote Control tab, the lights change accordingly, but when it's no longer there the lights don't respond.

    I've tried:

    • Different USB ports and USB cables

    • Changing the frequency

    • Lowering the resolution

    • Lowering the frames per second

    • Having the Pi on its own PSU (ground cable connected to the LED's ground)

    Regardless of what I've tried, the behavior is exactly the same.

    I probably should've clarified, I spliced a micro USB cable to power the Pi. I'm pretty sure that the grounding wires from both the Pi and PSU are connected together in the barreljack.

    • What kind of behavior would the lights be exhibiting if they were not getting enough power or the wires aren't thick enough? This morning I only had the first LED light up, but using a multimeter I tested the 20th or so light (red to 5v pin, black to GND) and was still seeing 4 V and change.

    • I'm accessing the Hyperion configurations via https://RPi-IP-ADDRESS:8090, and every change I make I hit the Save button, which results in a green popup saying changes were saved successfully

    • Would I need to connect the the LED strip from the end to the same PSU or separate one (just for my information, why would I need to this, because the strip is not getting enough power?)

    I've attached an image of my setup, obviously for the sake of taking a picture I unplugged it from the PSU. I'm starting to wonder if there's some specific configuration I missed or messed up in the Hyperion setup page.

    Edit: I've also read that for the WS2812B lights an Arduino is required. Is this really the case?

    Thanks so much for your feedback btw!

    Hey guys!

    I started my first LED project, and I'm running into an issue where only the first couple (anywhere between 1 and 4) of lights light up, and they don't seem to be changing colors. My current setup:

    1. Raspberry Pi Zero W flashed with Hyperbian

    2. WS2812B 60LED/M (5 meter total)

    3. 5v 10a PSU (I understand that this isn't enough to fully power the lights, but I'll be dimming them to no more than 25-30 percent [I've also seen a number of posts and videos showing an identical setup that evidently works at full power, not that I'd want it that bright])

    4. Additionally I have an HDMI switch and a capture card, but I'm not using them yet

    I have the positive wires of both the RPi and the light strip going into the + side of the barrel jack, both negatives into the - side, and the data wire from GPIO18 to the middle/green wire of the strip.

    I'm able to access Hyperion through the web browser where I've configured what I believe to be the correct setup, but when I change various effects like standby and boot nothing happens. I'm also able to connect to the server through the Hyperion mobile app, but when I change the colors still nothing happens.

    The only thing that seems to get the lights to change is when I unplug the barrel jack form the power and plug it back in, once both the Pi and the strip turn on, the first couple of lights turn on, sometimes different colors than the previous time

    Any and all help would be appreciated, I've been at it for over a week.